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N Published Date
NACTA Journal 1963-2013
Narrative 1993-2011
Narrative Culture 2014-2016
Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues 1998-2017
An-Nashra 1967-1974
National Academy Notes including the Complete Catalogue of the Spring Exhibition, National Academy of Design 1884-1889
The National Cactus and Succulent Journal 1946-1982
National Gallery Technical Bulletin 1977-2013
National Institute Economic Review 1959-2013
The National Interest 1985-2013
National Law School of India Review 2008-2016
The National Magazine 1830-1831
National Marketing Review 1935-1936
National Mathematics Magazine 1934-1945
National News Letter of Phi Delta Kappa 1915-1916
National Tax Journal 1948-2014
Native American and Indigenous Studies 2014-2017
Native Plants Journal 2000-2011
Natural Areas Journal 1982-2011
Natural Language & Linguistic Theory 1983-2013
Natural Language Semantics 1992-2013
Natural Resources & Environment 1985-2013
Natural Resources Journal 1961-2016
Natural Resources Lawyer 1968-1985
Nature and Culture 2006-2014
Ñawpa Pacha: Journal of Andean Archaeology 1963-2010
NBER International Seminar on Macroeconomics 2004-2012
NBER Macroeconomics Annual 1986-2015
Near Eastern Archaeology 1998-2017
Nebraska Journal of Economics and Business 1962-1983
Nederlands archief voor kerkgeschiedenis / Dutch Review of Church History 1900-2005
Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek (NKJ) / Netherlands Yearbook for History of Art 1947-2011
Negro American Literature Forum 1967-1976
Negro History Bulletin 1937-2001
NEMLA Newsletter (1969-1970) 1969-1970
Neotestamentica 1967-2013
The Netherlands Journal of Housing and Environmental Research 1986-1990
Netherlands Journal of Housing and the Built Environment 1991-1999
Neue Kriminalpolitik 1989-2013
Neue Zeitschrift für Musik (1991-) 1991-2014
Neuphilologische Mitteilungen 1899-2013
The New Atlantis 2003-2017
New Blackfriars 1964-2011
New Criminal Law Review: An International and Interdisciplinary Journal 2007-2015
The New England Quarterly 1928-2013
New England Review (1978-1982) 1978-1982
New England Review (1990-) 1990-2012
New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly 1982-1990
New Geographical Literature and Maps 1951-1980
New German Critique 1973-2011
New Hibernia Review / Iris Éireannach Nua 1997-2012
New Labor Forum 1997-2013
New Literary History 1969-2011
New Mexico Anthropologist 1937-1943
The New Path 1863-1865
The New Phytologist 1902-2013
New York History 1932-2013
The New York Latin Leaflet 1900-1907
New Zealand Journal of Ecology 1978-2014
New Zealand Slavonic Journal 1974-2013
News Bulletin (Institute of Pacific Relations) 1926-1928
The News Bulletin of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association 1948-1962
News for the General Practitioner 1963-1964
News-O-Gram (American Bar Association. Section of Insurance, Negligence, and Compensation Law) 1959-1965
Newsletter (African Music Society) 1948-1951
Newsletter (Association for Israel Studies) 1985-1991
Newsletter (Association for Political and Legal Anthropology) 1980-1986
Newsletter (Association of American Library Schools) 1949-1959
Newsletter (College Art Association of America, Visual Resources Committee) 1974
Newsletter (Commission on Nomadic Peoples) 1979
Newsletter (Conference Group on French Politics and Society) 1983-1984
Newsletter (Museum Ethnographers Group) 1976-1988
Newsletter (National Conference on Literature and Religion) 1983-1986
Newsletter (Poe Studies Association) 1973-1978
Newsletter (Turkish Studies Association) 1973-1978
Newsletter (Turkish Studies Group (U.S.)) 1972
Newsletter (World Union of Jewish Studies) / ידיעון - האיגוד העולמי למדעי היהדות 1970-1989
Newsletter of Lithic Technology 1972-1976
The Newsletter of PEGS 1991-1995
Newsletter of the Association for Preservation Technology 1969
Newsletter of the Association for Study of American Indian Literatures 1977-1979
Newsletter of the Forum Committee on Franchising 1980-1981
Newsletter of the Program on Public Conceptions of Science 1972-1976
Newsletter of the Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada 1972-1988
Newsletter on Science, Technology, & Human Values 1976-1978
Newsletter: European Labor and Working Class History 1972-1975
Newsletter: Rhetoric Society of America 1968-1975
Nieuwe West-Indische Gids / New West Indian Guide 1960-1991
Nineteenth-Century Fiction 1949-1986
Nineteenth-Century French Studies 1972-2011
Nineteenth-Century Literature 1986-2015
Nomadic Peoples 1980-2013
Nomos 1977-2014
Nordic Irish Studies 2002-2015
Nordisk Matematisk Tidskrift 1953-1978
North American journal of Celtic studies 2017
The North American Review 1821-2013
The North Carolina High School Bulletin 1910-1917
The North Carolina Historical Review 1924-2013
North Central Journal of Agricultural Economics 1979-1990
North Irish Roots 1984-2013
The North-American Review and Miscellaneous Journal 1815-1821
Northeast African Studies 1979-2016
Northeastern Naturalist 1997-2013
Northern Notes & Queries 1889-1890
Northwestern Naturalist 1989-2013
Notable Acquisitions (Metropolitan Museum of Art) 1965-1984
Notas: Reseñas iberoamericanas. Literatura, sociedad, historia 1993-2000
Notes 1934-2013
Notes (Fogg Art Museum) 1921-1931
Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 1938-2013
Notizblatt des Königl. botanischen Gartens und Museums zu Berlin 1895-1944
Notre Dame English Journal 1965-1983
Noûs 1967-2011
La Nouvelle Revue des Deux Mondes 1972-1982
Nouvelle revue des traditions populaires 1949-1950
Nouvelle Revue du XVIe Siècle 1984-2004
Nouvelle revue historique de droit français et étranger 1877-1921
Nouvelles Études Francophones 2004-2011
Nouvelles Questions Féministes 1981-2011
Nova Religio: The Journal of Alternative and Emergent Religions 1997-2015
NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 1967-2011
Novon 1991-2013
Novum Testamentum 1956-2011
NS, NorthSouth 1976-1983
NSF-CBMS Regional Conference Series in Probability and Statistics 1990-2013
Nueva Revista de Filología Hispánica 1947-2017
Numen 1954-2011
The Numismatic Chronicle (1838-1842) 1838-1841
The Numismatic Chronicle (1966-) 1966-2013
The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Numismatic Society 1842-1903
The Numismatic Chronicle and Journal of the Royal Numismatic Society 1904-1965
The Numismatic Journal 1836-1837
Numismatic Notes and Monographs 1920-2009
NWIG: New West Indian Guide / Nieuwe West-Indische Gids 1992-2012
NWSA Journal 1988-2009
The Nyasaland Journal 1948-1965
Nyt tidsskrift for matematik 1890-1918