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Indiana University Press was founded in 1950 and is today recognized internationally as a leading academic publisher specializing in the humanities and social sciences. As an academic press, our mandate is to serve the world of scholarship and culture as a professional, not-for-profit publisher. We publish books and journals that will matter 20 or even a hundred years from now – titles that make a difference today and will live on into the future through their reverberations in the minds of teachers and writers.

IU Press's major subject areas include African, African American, Asian, cultural, Jewish and Holocaust, Middle East, Russian and East European, and women's and gender studies; anthropology, film, history, bioethics, music, paleontology, philanthropy, philosophy, and religion. The Press also features an extensive regional publishing program under its Quarry Books imprint. It is one of the largest public university presses, as measured by titles and income level.

Journals in JSTOR from Indiana University Press
38 Journals in JSTOR Date Range
Africa Today 1954 - 2017
African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review 2011 - 2017
Aleph 2001 - 2017
Antisemitism Studies 2017
Black Camera 1985 - 2017
Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures 1976 - 2017
e-Service Journal 2001 - 2016
Ethics and the Environment 1996 - 2017
Film History 1987 - 2017
The Global South 2007 - 2016
History and Memory 1989 - 2017
Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies 1993 - 2017
Indiana Magazine of History 1913 - 2017
The Indiana Quarterly Magazine of History 1905 - 1913
Indiana Theory Review 1977 - 2017
Israel Studies 1996 - 2017
Jewish Social Studies 1939 - 2017
Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion 1985 - 2017
Journal of Folklore Research 1983 - 2017
Journal of the Folklore Institute 1964 - 1982
Midwest Folklore 1951 - 1963
Hoosier Folklore 1946 - 1950
Hoosier Folklore Bulletin 1942 - 1945
Journal of Islamic and Muslim Studies 2016 - 2017
Journal of Modern Literature 1970 - 2017
Journal of the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association 2014 - 2017
The Turkish Studies Association Journal 2002 - 2005
Turkish Studies Association Bulletin 1976 - 2001
Newsletter (Turkish Studies Association) 1973 - 1978
Newsletter (Turkish Studies Group (U.S.)) 1972
Mande Studies 1999 - 2016
Meridians 2000 - 2017
Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues 1998 - 2017
Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies 2016 - 2017
Philanthropy & Education 2017
Philosophy of Music Education Newsletter 1988 - 1992
Philosophy of Music Education Review 1993 - 2017
Prooftexts 1981 - 2015
Race/Ethnicity: Multidisciplinary Global Contexts 2007 - 2011
Recreation, Parks, and Tourism in Public Health 2017
Research in African Literatures 1970 - 2017
Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men 2012 - 2017
Textual Cultures 2006 - 2013
Text 1981 - 2006
Transactions of the Charles S. Peirce Society 1965 - 2017
Transition 1961 - 2017
Victorian Studies 1957 - 2017
Books in JSTOR from Indiana University Press
737 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
1915 Diary of S. An-sky: A Russian Jewish Writer at the Eastern Front 2016
The 7 Sexes: Biology of Sex Determination 2013
9/11 and the Visual Culture of Disaster 2015
Abraham Joshua Heschel: The Call of Transcendence 2013
The Accompaniment in "Unaccompanied" Bach: Interpreting the Sonatas and Partitas for Violin 2016
Across the Ussuri Kray: Travels in the Sikhote-Alin Mountains 2016
The Adventures of Jonathan Dennis: Bicultural Film Archiving Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand 2016
Aesthetics as Phenomenology: The Appearance of Things 2015
Africa after Apartheid: South Africa, Race, and Nation in Tanzania 2012
Africa and France: Postcolonial Cultures, Migration, and Racism 2013
Africa, Fourth Edition 2014
Africa Must Be Modern: A Manifesto 2014
African Appropriations: Cultural Difference, Mimesis, and Media 2015
African Art and Agency in the Workshop 2013
African Art and the Colonial Encounter: Inventing a Global Commodity 2007
African Art, Interviews, Narratives: Bodies of Knowledge at Work 2013
African Fashion, Global Style: Histories, Innovations, and Ideas You Can Wear 2015
African Migrations: Patterns and Perspectives 2013
African Music, Power, and Being in Colonial Zimbabwe 2015
Africa’s Ogun, Second, Expanded Edition: Old World and New 1997
Africa's Past, Our Future 2015
All Things Are Possible: The Healing and Charismatic Revivals in Modern America 1975
Almost Worthy: The Poor, Paupers, and the Science of Charity in America, 1877-1917 2013
Alternative Projections: Experimental Film in Los Angeles, 1945-1980 2015
Alva Vanderbilt Belmont: Unlikely Champion of Women's Rights 2012
American Cinematographers in the Great War, 1914-1918 2016
American Post-Judaism: Identity and Renewal in a Postethnic Society 2013
American Religious Liberalism 2012
American Shame: Stigma and the Body Politic 2016
An American Tune: A Novel 2012
America's Poor and the Great Recession 2013
America's War in Vietnam: A Short Narrative History 2000
And Yet It Moves 2016
Animation: Art and Industry 2012
Anne Frank Unbound: Media, Imagination, Memory 2012
The Anthropology of Extinction: Essays on Culture and Species Death 2012
Anthropology of the Middle East and North Africa: Into the New Millennium 2013
Antisemitism, Christian Ambivalence, and the Holocaust 2007
The Arab Revolts: Dispatches on Militant Democracy in the Middle East 2013
Army Film and the Avant Garde: Cinema and Experiment in the Czechoslovak Military 2015
Art and Devotion at a Buddhist Temple in the Indian Himalaya 2015
The Art of George Ames Aldrich 2013
The Art of Teaching Music 2008
At Home with Ernie Pyle 2016
At the Mind’s Limits: Contemplations by a Survivor on Auschwitz and Its Realities 1980
At the Top of the Grand Staircase: The Late Cretaceous of Southern Utah 2013
Ayya's Accounts: A Ledger of Hope in Modern India 2014
The B Word: Bisexuality in Contemporary Film and Television 2013
Bach's Cello Suites, Volumes 1 and 2: Analyses and Explorations 2007
Balkan Breakthrough: The Battle of Dobro Pole 1918 2010
The Bare Bones: An Unconventional Evolutionary History of the Skeleton 2016
Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy 2009
The Basic Problems of Phenomenology 1982
Bassoon Reed Making: A Pedagogic History 2016
Bastards of Utopia: Living Radical Politics after Socialism 2015
The Battle for Manchuria and the Fate of China: Siping, 1946 2013
Battle of Dogger Bank: The First Dreadnought Engagement, January 1915 2014
Battle of Surigao Strait 2009
Beauty Unlimited 2013
Becoming Soviet Jews: The Bolshevik Experiment in Minsk 2013
The Beethoven Sonatas and the Creative Experience 1994
Before the Chinrest: A Violinist's Guide to the Mysteries of Pre-Chinrest Technique and Style 2012
The Beginning of Western Philosophy: Interpretation of Anaximander and Parmenides 2015
Behind the Smile, Second Edition: The Working Lives of Caribbean Tourism 2012
Being and Truth 2010
Being Lucky: Reminiscences and Reflections 1980
Being Maasai, Becoming Indigenous: Postcolonial Politics in a Neoliberal World 2011
Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka: The Operation Reinhard Death Camps 1987
Bernissart Dinosaurs and Early Cretaceous Terrestrial Ecosystems 2012
Between Slavery and Freedom: Philosophy and American Slavery 1992
Between Word and Image: Heidegger, Klee, and Gadamer on Gesture and Genesis 2013
Beyond Boundaries: Rethinking Music Circulation in Early Modern England 2017
Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks, and Publics of Early Cinema 2016
The Big Move: Life Between the Turning Points 2016
The Bill Cook Story: Ready, Fire, Aim! 2008
The Bill Cook Story II: The Re-Visionary 2015
Biology of the Sauropod Dinosaurs: Understanding the Life of Giants 2011
Blinded by the Whites: Why Race Still Matters in 21st-Century America 2013
Blockbuster History in the New Russia: Movies, Memory, and Patriotism 2012
Blood Libel in Late Imperial Russia: The Ritual Murder Trial of Mendel Beilis 2014
Blue White Red: A Novel 2013
Bodies, Politics, and African Healing: The Matter of Maladies in Tanzania 2011
Bodily Natures: Science, Environment, and the Material Self 2010
Boomer: Railroad Memoirs 1990
Breaking Time's Arrow: Experiment and Expression in the Music of Charles Ives 2014
Brown County Mornings 2013
Buenas Noches, American Culture: Latina/o Aesthetics of Night 2012
Building a New South Africa: One Conversation at a Time 2015
Bukharan Jews and the Dynamics of Global Judaism 2012
Butterflies of Indiana: A Field Guide 2013
The Calls of Islam: Sufis, Islamists, and Mass Mediation in Urban Morocco 2014
Cambrian Ocean World: Ancient Sea Life of North America 2014
Carlos Aldama's Life in Batá: Cuba, Diaspora, and the Drum 2012
A Century of Ambivalence: The Jews of Russia and the Soviet Union, 1881 to the Present 2001
China's Battle for Korea: The 1951 Spring Offensive 2014
Chinese Looks: Fashion, Performance, Race 2014
Chuck Taylor, All Star: The True Story of the Man behind the Most Famous Athletic Shoe in History 2006
Cinema and Counter-History 2015
Cinema and Development in West Africa: Film as a Vehicle for Liberation 2013
Cinematic Flashes: Cinephilia and Classical Hollywood 2013
City of Rogues and Schnorrers: Russia's Jews and the Myth of Old Odessa 2011
Claiming Society for God: Religious Movements and Social Welfare 2012
The Clandestine History of the Kovno Jewish Ghetto Police 2014
Clavichord for Beginners 2014
Climate Change in the Midwest: Impacts, Risks, Vulnerability, and Adaptation 2013
Clio's Battles: Historiography in Practice 2015
Colonial Culture in France since the Revolution 2014
Colonialism by Proxy: Hausa Imperial Agents and Middle Belt Consciousness in Nigeria 2014
Communications Media, Globalization, and Empire 2016
The Community of Those Who Have Nothing in Common 1994
The Complete Dinosaur 2012
Computers in Business: K201 2016
Computers in Business: K204 2016
Comrade Huppert: A Poet in Stalin's World 2016
Confessions of a Guilty Freelancer 2012
Conflict and Peacebuilding in the African Great Lakes Region 2013
Congratulations on Your Martyrdom! 2016
Congress, Presidents, and American Politics: Fifty Years of Writings and Reflections 2016
Connected Science: Strategies for Integrative Learning in College 2013
A Conservationist Manifesto 2009
Consuming Ocean Island: Stories of People and Phosphate from Banaba 2015
Contemporary African American Literature: The Living Canon 2013
Contributions to Philosophy (Of the Event) 2012
Costume: Performing Identities through Dress 2015
Country Path Conversations 2010
Creating a Hoosier Self-Portrait: The Federal Writers' Project in Indiana, 1935-1942 2005
Creation and the Sovereignty of God 2012
Creatures of Politics: Media, Message, and the American Presidency 2012
Creolizing the Metropole: Migrant Caribbean Identities in Literature and Film 2012
Critical Reading in Higher Education: Academic Goals and Social Engagement 2015
Crow Killer, New Edition: The Saga of Liver-Eating Johnson 1969
Cruel City: A Novel 2013
Cuba's Racial Crucible: The Sexual Economy of Social Identities, 1750-2000 2015
The Culture of Colonialism: The Cultural Subjection of Ukaguru 2012
The Culture of Mental Illness and Psychiatric Practice in Africa 2015
Daimon Life: Heidegger and Life-Philosophy 1992
Dance and the Music of J. S. Bach, Expanded Edition 2001
A Dance of Assassins: Performing Early Colonial Hegemony in the Congo 2013
Dancing in Dreamtime 2016
Dante’s Inferno, The Indiana Critical Edition 1995
Dante’s Vita Nuova, New Edition: A Translation and an Essay 1973
The Darkest Dawn: Lincoln, Booth, and the Great American Tragedy 2005
Darwin's On the Origin of Species: A Modern Rendition 2014
David Baker: A Legacy in Music 2011
Days of Knight: How the General Changed My Life 2016
D-Day in the Pacific: The Battle of Saipan 2007
The Dead Sea and the Jordan River 2016
Dealing with Dictators: The United States, Hungary, and East Central Europe, 1942-1989 2016
Dear Mendl, Dear Reyzl: Yiddish Letter Manuals from Russia and America 2014
Death in Winterreise: Musico-Poetic Associations in Schubert's Song Cycle 2014
Debt: Ethics, the Environment, and the Economy 2013
Deciphering the New Antisemitism 2015
Defeating Lee: A History of the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac 2011
Defending the Filibuster, Revised and Updated Edition: The Soul of the Senate 2012
The Defiant Life of Vera Figner: Surviving the Russian Revolution 2014
Degrees of Givenness: On Saturation in Jean-Luc Marion 2014
Demonizing the Jews: Luther and the Protestant Church in Nazi Germany 2012
The Depression Comes to the South Side: Protest and Politics in the Black Metropolis, 1930-1933 2011
Derailed by Bankruptcy: Life after the Reading Railroad 2015
Derrida and Our Animal Others: Derrida’s Final Seminar, the Beast and the Sovereign 2013
Derrida and the Inheritance of Democracy 2013
Dinosaur Footprints and Trackways of La Rioja 2015
Dinosaur Tracks: The Next Steps 2016
Dinosaurs and Other Reptiles from the Mesozoic of Mexico 2014
Dinosaurs under the Aurora 2012
Discourses at the Communion on Fridays 2011
The Disney Fetish 2015
Divination’s Grasp: African Encounters with the Almost Said 2015
The Doc and the Duchess: The Life and Legacy of George H. A. Clowes 2016
The Dodo and the Solitaire: A Natural History 2013
Doing Physics, Second Edition: How Physicists Take Hold of the World 2012
A Double Bassist’s Guide to Refining Performance Practices 2013
Double Diaspora in Sephardic Literature: Jewish Cultural Production Before and After 1492 2015
Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and the Religion of Biologic Living 2014
Dreams of Duneland: A Pictorial History of the Indiana Dunes Region 2013
Early Cinema and the "National" 2016
Early Cinema Today, KINtop 1: The Art of Programming and Live Performance 2012
Early Twentieth-Century Continental Philosophy 2012
Earth Works: Selected Essays 2012
Ecologies of Faith in New York City: The Evolution of Religious Institutions 2013
Economic and Political Reform in Africa: Anthropological Perspectives 2014
Ecstasy, Ritual, and Alternate Reality: Religion in a Pluralistic World 1988
The Electric Pullman: A History of the Niles Car & Manufacturing Company 2013
Elie Wiesel: Jewish, Literary, and Moral Perspectives 2013
Emptiness and Omnipresence: An Essential Introduction to Tiantai Buddhism 2016
Encountering Morocco: Fieldwork and Cultural Understanding 2013
Encyclopedia of the Yoruba 2016
The End of the Holocaust 2011
The Epic Cinema of Kumar Shahani 2015
Epic Sound: Music in Postwar Hollywood Biblical Films 2015
Erased from Space and Consciousness: Israel and the Depopulated Palestinian Villages of 1948 2015
The Essential Dewey: Ethics, Logic, Psychology 1998
The Essential Peirce: Selected Philosophical Writings (1893-1913) 1998
Ethnographic Encounters in Israel: Poetics and Ethics of Fieldwork 2013
Ethnographies of the State in Central Asia: Performing Politics 2014
Euro Horror: Classic European Horror Cinema in Contemporary American Culture 2013
European Muslim Antisemitism: Why Young Urban Males Say They Don't Like Jews 2015
The European Union Explained: Institutions, Actors, Global Impact 2013
The Event 2013
Everyday Life in Central Asia: Past and Present 2007
Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present 2015
Everyday Life in South Asia, Second Edition 2010
Everyday Life in Southeast Asia 2011
The Evidential Argument from Evil 1996
Evil in Africa: Encounters with the Everyday 2016
Ex-Centric Migrations: Europe and the Maghreb in Mediterranean Cinema, Literature, and Music 2016
Experimental Film and Video: An Anthology 2015
Expressive Forms in Brahms's Instrumental Music: Structure and Meaning in His Werther Quartet 2005
Expressive Intersections in Brahms: Essays in Analysis and Meaning 2012
Extraordinary Circumstances: The Seven Days Battles 2001
Faculty Development and Student Learning: Assessing the Connections 2016
Faked in China: Nation Branding, Counterfeit Culture, and Globalization 2016
Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature 2014
FDR, Dewey, and the Election of 1944 2011
The Female Face of Shame 2013
Feminist, Queer, Crip 2013
Fighting for America: The Struggle for Mastery in North America, 1519-1871 2011
Film 1900: Technology, Perception, Culture 2015
Folk Art and Aging: Life-Story Objects and Their Makers 2016
Forerunners of Mammals: Radiation • Histology • Biology 2012
Forest and Labor in Madagascar: From Colonial Concession to Global Biosphere 2012
Fossils of the Carpathian Region 2014
Four Seminars 2003
Framing the Global: Entry Points for Research 2014
François Truffaut: The Lost Secret 2013
Frank Julian Sprague: Electrical Inventor and Engineer 2009
Franz Rosenzweig’s Conversions: World Denial and World Redemption 2014
Free and French in the Caribbean: Toussaint Louverture, Aimé Césaire, and Narratives of Loyal Opposition 2013
Freedom from Liberation: Slavery, Sentiment, and Literature in Cuba 2015
French Cinema—A Critical Filmography: Volume 1, 1929–1939 2015
French Cinema—A Critical Filmography: Volume 2, 1940–1958 2015
From Mouse to Mermaid: The Politics of Film, Gender, and Culture 1995
From Sufism to Ahmadiyya: A Muslim Minority Movement in South Asia 2015
From Text to Txting: New Media in the Classroom 2012
From War to Peace in 1945 Germany: A GI's Experience 2016
The Future of Continental Philosophy of Religion 2014
Gadamer: A Philosophical Portrait 2013
Gadamer and the Transmission of History 2015
Gaining Ground, Second Edition: The Origin and Evolution of Tetrapods 2012
Genealogy as Critique: Foucault and the Problems of Modernity 2013
General Jacob Devers: World War II's Forgotten Four Star 2015
General Maxime Weygand, 1867-1965: Fortune and Misfortune 2015
Geographies of the Holocaust 2014
Geopolitics and the Quest for Dominance 2016
Gettysburg Heroes: Perfect Soldiers, Hallowed Ground 2008
Girl: My Childhood and the Second World War 2016
The Glimpse Traveler 2011
Global Filipinos: Migrants' Lives in the Virtual Village 2012
Global Governance and the UN: An Unfinished Journey 2010
Global Heartland: Displaced Labor, Transnational Lives, and Local Placemaking 2016
Global Nollywood: The Transnational Dimensions of an African Video Film Industry 2013
Global Pentecostalism in the 21st Century 2013
Global Rome: Changing Faces of the Eternal City 2014
Globalization and the Cultures of Business in Africa: From Patrimonialism to Profit 2012
Gods of the Mississippi 2013
Going to the People: Jews and the Ethnographic Impulse 2016
Gold Coast Diasporas: Identity, Culture, and Power 2015
The Golden Wave: Culture and Politics after Sri Lanka’s Tsunami Disaster 2014
Good Girls and Wicked Witches: Changing Representations of Women in Disney's Feature Animation, 1937-2001 2011
Got Sun?: 200 Best Native Plants for Your Garden 2013
The Grace of Four Moons: Dress, Adornment, and the Art of the Body in Modern India 2008
The Grand Scribe's Records: Volume X: The Memoirs of Han China, Part III 2016
The Great Fossil Enigma: The Search for the Conodont Animal 2013
Greek Orthodox Music in Ottoman Istanbul: Nation and Community in the Era of Reform 2015
Group Conflict and Political Mobilization in Bahrain and the Arab Gulf: Rethinking the Rentier State 2015
The Growth of American Government: Governance from the Cleveland Era to the Present 2015
A Guide to Natural Areas of Southern Indiana: 119 Unique Places to Explore 2016
Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire, Fourth Edition 2014
Guide to the Solo Horn Repertoire 2016
Habitats and Ecological Communities of Indiana: Presettlement to Present 2012
Hadrosaurs 2015
Hallow This Ground 2015
Handsome Heroes and Vile Villains: Masculinity in Disney's Feature Films 2015
Hannah Arendt and the Negro Question 2014
Happily Ever After: The Romance Story in Popular Culture 2016
"Happiness Is Not My Companion": The Life of General G. K. Warren 2001
The Heart of the Leopard Children 2016
Heaven and Earth Are Not Humane: The Problem of Evil in Classical Chinese Philosophy 2014
Hegel 2015
Heidegger and Language 2013
Heidegger in France 2015
Herman B Wells: The Promise of the American University 2012
Heroes and Victims: Remembering War in Twentieth-Century Romania 2010
The Hidden God: Luther, Philosophy, and Political Theology 2016
Highlife Saturday Night: Popular Music and Social Change in Urban Ghana 2013
Hindu-Catholic Encounters in Goa: Religion, Colonialism, and Modernity 2014
Hip Hop Africa: New African Music in a Globalizing World 2012
Hip Hop Ukraine: Music, Race, and African Migration 2014
Historic Preservation in Indiana: Essays from the Field 2013
Histories of Health in Southeast Asia: Perspectives on the Long Twentieth Century 2014
The History of Beyng 2015
A History of Korea: From "Land of the Morning Calm" to States in Conflict 2012
History of the Concept of Time: Prolegomena 1985
A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2009
A History of Women in Russia: From Earliest Times to the Present 2012
Hölderlin's Hymns "Germania" and "The Rhine" 2014
The Holocaust: History and Memory 2016
Hoosiers: A New History of Indiana 2014
Hopeless but Optimistic: Journeying through America's Endless War in Afghanistan 2016
Horned Armadillos and Rafting Monkeys: The Fascinating Fossil Mammals of South America 2016
The House at Ujazdowskie 16: Jewish Families in Warsaw after the Holocaust 2013
How about Demons?: Possession and Exorcism in the Modern World 1988
Howard Fast: Life and Literature in the Left Lane 2012
Human Rights and African Airwaves: Mediating Equality on the Chichewa Radio 2011
Hunger and War: Food Provisioning in the Soviet Union during World War II 2015
Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland 2013
Hypersexuality and Headscarves: Race, Sex, and Citizenship in the New Germany 2012
Identity, Citizenship, and Political Conflict in Africa 2014
If You Need Me I’ll Be Over There 2016
Ifa Divination: Communication between Gods and Men in West Africa 1969
Ifá Divination, Knowledge, Power, and Performance 2016
Imagined Landscapes: Geovisualizing Australian Spatial Narratives 2016
Imagining Autism: Fiction and Stereotypes on the Spectrum 2015
Imagining Jewish Authenticity: Vision and Text in American Jewish Thought 2015
The Imjin and Kapyong Battles, Korea, 1951 2013
In Amma's Healing Room: Gender and Vernacular Islam in South India 2006
In Passage Perilous: Malta and the Convoy Battles of June 1942 2013
In Pursuit of Early Mammals 2013
In the Shadow of the Shtetl: Small-Town Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine 2013
IN Writing: Uncovering the Unexpected Hoosier State 2016
Indiana Covered Bridges 2012
Indianapolis: The Circle City 2016
The Insistence of God: A Theology of Perhaps 2013
Introduction to Documentary, Second Edition 2010
Iowa's Railroads: An Album 2009
The Iron Road in the Prairie State: The Story of Illinois Railroading 2016
Islam and Politics in the Middle East: Explaining the Views of Ordinary Citizens 2015
Islamic Central Asia: An Anthology of Historical Sources 2010
Islands in the Cosmos: The Evolution of Life on Land 2009
The Italian Cantata in Vienna: Entertainment in the Age of Absolutism 2013
Italian Fascism's Empire Cinema 2015
The Italian Traditions and Puccini: Compositional Theory and Practice in Nineteenth-Century Opera 2011
Jaffa Shared and Shattered: Contrived Coexistence in Israel/Palestine 2015
Jascha Heifetz: Early Years in Russia 2014
The Jazz Life of Dr. Billy Taylor 2013
Jazzwomen: Conversations with Twenty-One Musicians 2004
Jean-Luc Godard, Cinema Historian 2013
Jelly Roll, Bix, and Hoagy, Revised and Expanded Edition: Gennett Records and the Rise of America's Musical Grassroots 2013
Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick and A Passion Play: Inside Two Long Songs 2013
A Jewish Guide in the Holy Land: How Christian Pilgrims Made Me Israeli 2016
Jewish Life in Twenty-First-Century Turkey: The Other Side of Tolerance 2012
Jewish Masculinities: German Jews, Gender, and History 2012
Jewish Philosophy as a Guide to Life: Rosenzweig, Buber, Levinas, Wittgenstein 2008
Jewish Poland Revisited: Heritage Tourism in Unquiet Places 2013
Jewish Space in Contemporary Poland 2015
Jewish Youth and Identity in Postwar France: Rebuilding Family and Nation 2015
Jews and Islamic Law in Early 20th-Century Yemen 2015
John Bartlow Martin: A Voice for the Underdog 2015
John Coates: The Man Who Built the Snowman 2012
John Frank Stevens: Civil Engineer 2013
Jonah in the Shadows of Eden 2016
Judaism and the West: From Hermann Cohen to Joseph Soloveitchik 2016
Judaism, Liberalism, and Political Theology 2014
Kant and the Subject of Critique: On the Regulative Role of the Psychological Idea 2012
The Katangese Gendarmes and War in Central Africa: Fighting Their Way Home 2016
Kaveena 2016
Keeping Faith with the Party: Communist Believers Return from the Gulag 2012
Keystone Korner: Portrait of a Jazz Club 2012
Kierkegaard and Death 2011
Kierkegaard and the Life of Faith: The Aesthetic, the Ethical, and the Religious in Fear and Trembling 2017
Kierkegaard, Communication, and Virtue: Authorship as Edification 2013
Labor Disorders in Neoliberal Italy: Mobbing, Well-Being, and the Workplace 2012
The Lake Shore Electric Railway Story 2000
A Lancastrian Mirror for Princes: The Yale Law School New Statutes of England 2011
Land, Mobility, and Belonging in West Africa: Natives and Strangers 2013
Language after Heidegger 2013
The Last Century of Sea Power: From Washington to Tokyo, 1922–1945 2010
The Last Century of Sea Power: From Port Arthur to Chanak, 1894–1922 2009
The Last Studebaker: A Novel 2012
Latin American Philosophy from Identity to Radical Exteriority 2014
Law and Legality in the Ottoman Empire and Republic of Turkey 2016
Law and the Public Sphere in Africa: La Palabre and Other Writings 2014
Learning in Morocco: Language Politics and the Abandoned Educational Dream 2016
Leave the Dogs at Home: A Memoir 2015
The Legacy of Dell Hymes: Ethnopoetics, Narrative Inequality, and Voice 2015
Legacy of the Lash: Race and Corporal Punishment in the Brazilian Navy and the Atlantic World 2014
Letters to Santa Claus 2015
Levinas and the Crisis of Humanism 2013
Levinas's Ethical Politics 2016
Life in the Time of Oil: A Pipeline and Poverty in Chad 2016
The Life of Understanding: A Contemporary Hermeneutics 2012
Life Traces of the Georgia Coast: Revealing the Unseen Lives of Plants and Animals 2013
Light Traces 2014
Little Indiana: Small Town Destinations 2016
Live from Dar es Salaam: Popular Music and Tanzania's Music Economy 2011
Living in the Ottoman Realm: Empire and Identity, 13th to 20th Centuries 2016
Locating the Moving Image: New Approaches to Film and Place 2014
Logic: The Question of Truth 2010
Logic of Imagination: The Expanse of the Elemental 2012
The Long 1968: Revisions and New Perspectives 2013
Looking After Minidoka: An American Memoir 2013
Looking behind the Label: Global Industries and the Conscientious Consumer 2015
Looking Jewish: Visual Culture and Modern Diaspora 2015
The Louisville, Cincinnati & Charleston Rail Road: Dreams of Linking North and South 2014
Love in the Time of AIDS: Inequality, Gender, and Rights in South Africa 2010
Loyal Unto Death: Trust and Terror in Revolutionary Macedonia 2013
Lynton Keith Caldwell: An Environmental Visionary and the National Environmental Policy Act 2014
The Maciste Films of Italian Silent Cinema 2015
Mahler and Strauss: In Dialogue 2016
Making Music in the Polish Tatras: Tourists, Ethnographers, and Mountain Musicians 2005
Making Place: Space and Embodiment in the City 2014
Making Sense of Intersex: Changing Ethical Perspectives in Biomedicine 2014
Mapping Jewish Loyalties in Interwar Slovakia 2015
Mary, Music, and Meditation: Sacred Conversations in Post-Tridentine Milan 2013
Mass Culture in Soviet Russia: Tales, Poems, Songs, Movies, Plays, and Folklore, 1917–1953 1995
Material Ecocriticism 2014
Material Feminisms 2008
Materialities of Ritual in the Black Atlantic 2014
The Materiality of Language: Gender, Politics, and the University 2013
Materializing the Nation: Commodities, Consumption, and Media in Papua New Guinea 2002
The Matter of Vision: Affective Neurobiology & Cinema 2015
McClellan's War: The Failure of Moderation in the Struggle for the Union 2005
Meaning and Interpretation of Music in Cinema 2015
Meantone Temperaments on Lutes and Viols 2016
Medical Transitions in Twentieth-Century China 2014
Medicine, Mobility, and Power in Global Africa: Transnational Health and Healing 2012
Medieval Instrumental Dances 1990
Megafauna: Giant Beasts of Pleistocene South America 2013
The Men Who Loved Trains: The Story of Men Who Battled Greed to Save an Ailing Industry 2006
Menahem Pressler: Artistry in Piano Teaching 2009
Mercury, Mining, and Empire: The Human and Ecological Cost of Colonial Silver Mining in the Andes 2011
Metamorphoses 1983
The Métis of Senegal: Urban Life and Politics in French West Africa 2013
Mexicanos, Second Edition: A History of Mexicans in the United States 2009
The Middle East and Brazil: Perspectives on the New Global South 2014
Migrants and Strangers in an African City: Exile, Dignity, Belonging 2012
Minerals, Collecting, and Value across the US-Mexico Border 2013
Misremembering Dr. King: Revisiting the Legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. 2014
Modern Ladino Culture: Press, Belles Lettres, and Theater in the Late Ottoman Empire 2012
Modernity, Freedom, and the African Diaspora: Dublin, New Orleans, Paris 2012
Modernization as Spectacle in Africa 2014
More Than Chattel: Black Women and Slavery in the Americas 1996
Moroccan Noir: Police, Crime, and Politics in Popular Culture 2013
The Most Fundamental Right: Contrasting Perspectives on the Voting Rights Act 2012
Mother with Child: Transformations through Childbirth 1994
Mothers, Comrades, and Outcasts in East German Women's Film 2016
Mourning Headband for Hue: An Account of the Battle for Hue, Vietnam 1968 2014
Moving Images: From Edison to the Webcam 2016
Mr. Penrose: The Journal of Penrose, Seaman 1969
Mr. Tuba 2012
Multiple Identities: Migrants, Ethnicity, and Membership 2013
Murder Made in Italy: Homicide, Media, and Contemporary Italian Culture 2012
Music and Globalization: Critical Encounters 2012
Music and the Armenian Diaspora: Searching for Home in Exile 2015
Music and the Crises of the Modern Subject 2015
Music and the Politics of Negation 2012
Music and the Skillful Listener: American Women Compose the Natural World 2013
Music in Kenyan Christianity: Logooli Religious Song 2013
Music of Azerbaijan: From Mugham to Opera 2016
Musical Forces: Motion, Metaphor, and Meaning in Music 2012
Muslim Families in Global Senegal: Money Takes Care of Shame 2012
The Muslim Question and Russian Imperial Governance 2015
Muslim Societies in Africa: A Historical Anthropology 2013
Muslim Women of the Fergana Valley: A 19th-Century Ethnography from Central Asia 2016
Muslims and New Media in West Africa: Pathways to God 2012
The Mutual Cultivation of Self and Things: A Contemporary Chinese Philosophy of the Meaning of Being 2016
My Life as a Silent Movie: A Novel 2013
The Myth of the Lost Cause and Civil War History 2000
Namibia's Rainbow Project: Gay Rights in an African Nation 2015
Nation of Cowards: Black Activism in Barack Obama’s Post-Racial America 2012
Nationalist in the Viet Nam Wars: Memoirs of a Victim Turned Soldier 2012
New Georgia: The Second Battle for the Solomons 2016
New Harmony, Indiana: Like a River, Not a Lake: A Memoir 2015
New Media and Religious Transformations in Africa 2015
New Perspectives on Horned Dinosaurs: The Royal Tyrrell Museum Ceratopsian Symposium 2010
New Routes for Diaspora Studies 2012
New Stories from the Midwest: 2012 2013
New Voices in Arab Cinema 2015
New York Noise: Radical Jewish Music and the Downtown Scene 2015
Nietzsche and Phenomenology: Power, Life, Subjectivity 2013
Nishida Kitar's Chiasmatic Chorology: Place of Dialectic, Dialectic of Place 2015
Nollywood Stars: Media and Migration in West Africa and the Diaspora 2015
Nomadic Text: A Theory of Biblical Reception History 2014
Nonprofits in Crisis: Economic Development, Risk, and the Philanthropic Kuznets Curve 2013
The Notation Is Not the Music: Reflections on Early Music Practice and Performance 2013
Obama on the Home Front: Domestic Policy Triumphs and Setbacks 2016
An Ode to Salonika: The Ladino Verses of Bouena Sarfatty 2013
Off the Main Lines: A Photographic Odyssey 2013
Oil Wealth and Insurgency in Nigeria 2015
On Railways Far Away 2012
Once We All Had Gills: Growing Up Evolutionist in an Evolving World 2012
One Small Town, One Crazy Coach: The Ireland Spuds and the 1963 Indiana High School Basketball Season 2013
Ontology--The Hermeneutics of Facticity 1999
The Origin of the Logic of Symbolic Mathematics: Edmund Husserl and Jacob Klein 2011
Orphans of the East: Postwar Eastern European Cinema and the Revolutionary Subject 2015
Orthodox Christianity in Imperial Russia: A Source Book on Lived Religion 2014
Oscar Micheaux and His Circle: African-American Filmmaking and Race Cinema of the Silent Era 2001
Other Pasts, Different Presents, Alternative Futures 2015
Painting Indiana III: Heritage of Place 2013
Palestine and the Palestinians in the 21st Century 2013
Palestinian Music and Song: Expression and Resistance since 1900 2013
Paprika, Foie Gras, and Red Mud: The Politics of Materiality in the European Union 2016
The Paradoxical Rationality of Søren Kierkegaard 2013
Paris 1928: Nexus II 2012
The Past Ahead: A Novel 2012
The Patterns of War Since the Eighteenth Century 1994
Paul Tillich and Pentecostal Theology: Spiritual Presence and Spiritual Power 2015
Paul V. McNutt and the Age of FDR 2015
The Pearl of Dari: Poetry and Personhood among Young Afghans in Iran 2015
Peasant Fires: The Drummer of Niklashausen 1992
Père Marie-Benoît and Jewish Rescue: How a French Priest Together with Jewish Friends Saved Thousands during the Holocaust 2013
Perennials Short and Tall: A Seasonal Progression of Flowers for Your Garden 2008
A Performer's Guide to Renaissance Music 2007
A Performer's Guide to Seventeenth-Century Music 2012
Performing al-Andalus: Music and Nostalgia across the Mediterranean 2015
Performing New Media, 1890-1915 2015
Performing the US Latina and Latino Borderlands 2012
Petrarch: The Canzoniere, or Rerum vulgarium fragmenta 1996
Phenomenology in Anthropology: A Sense of Perspective 2015
A Phenomenology of Christian Life: Glory and Night 2013
The Phenomenology of Religious Life 2004
Philanthropy for Health in China 2014
Philanthropy in the World’s Traditions 1998
A Philosophical Anthropology of the Cross: The Cruciform Self 2013
Philosophy, Feminism, and Faith 2003
Piano Duet Repertoire, Second Edition: Music Originally Written for One Piano, Four Hands 2016
Pink and Blue: Telling the Boys from the Girls in America 2012
Pioneers: A Tale of Russian-Jewish Life in the 1880s 2014
Plato on the Limits of Human Life 2013
Plato’s Animals: Gadflies, Horses, Swans, and Other Philosophical Beasts 2015
Plato's Cratylus: The Comedy of Language 2014
Plato's Laws: Force and Truth in Politics 2013
Play as Symbol of the World: And Other Writings 2016
Playing on the Edge: Sadomasochism, Risk, and Intimacy 2011
Playing to Win: Sports, Video Games, and the Culture of Play 2015
Playing with Religion in Digital Games 2014
Plowed Under: Food Policy Protests and Performance in New Deal America 2015
The Poetics of Biblical Narrative: Ideological Literature and the Drama of Reading 1985
The Politics and Poetics of Black Film: Nothing But a Man 2015
Politics in Color and Concrete: Socialist Materialities and the Middle Class in Hungary 2013
The Politics of Suffering: Syria's Palestinian Refugee Camps 2016
Ponderings II–VI: Black Notebooks 1931–1938 2016
Ponderings VII–XI: Black Notebooks 1938–1939 2017
Portraiture and Photography in Africa 2013
Postcolonial Artists and Global Aesthetics 2011
Postmodern Philosophy and the Scientific Turn 2012
Post-Revolution Nonfiction Film: Building the Soviet and Cuban Nations 2013
Power and Change in Iran: Politics of Contention and Conciliation 2016
Pragmatic Fashions: Pluralism, Democracy, Relativism, and the Absurd 2016
Pragmatism, Nation, and Race: Community in the Age of Empire 2009
Prelude to Blitzkrieg: The 1916 Austro-German Campaign in Romania 2013
Queen of Flowers and Pearls: A Novel 2015
Queer Ecologies: Sex, Nature, Politics, Desire 2010
Quick Hits for Adjunct Faculty and Lecturers: Successful Strategies from Award-Winning Teachers 2015
Quick Hits for Teaching with Technology: Successful Strategies by Award-Winning Teachers 2012
Race and the Literary Encounter: Black Literature from James Weldon Johnson to Percival Everett 2015
Race Harmony and Black Progress: Jack Woofter and the Interracial Cooperation Movement 2013
Rachmaninoff's Complete Songs: A Companion with Texts and Translations 2014
Racial Imperatives: Discipline, Performativity, and Struggles against Subjection 2012
Racing to Justice: Transforming Our Conceptions of Self and Other to Build an Inclusive Society 2012
The Radical American Judaism of Mordecai M. Kaplan 2014
Radical French Thought and the Return of the "Jewish Question" 2015
Radical Theology: A Vision for Change 2016
The Railroad Photography of Jack Delano 2015
The Railroad That Never Was: Vanderbilt, Morgan, and the South Pennsylvania Railroad 2010
Railroads and the American People 2012
Railroads of Meridian 2012
Rally the Scattered Believers: Northern New England’s Religious Geography 2014
A Reader In Animation Studies 1997
Readings in the International Relations of Africa 2015
Reality Check: How Science Deniers Threaten Our Future 2013
Reconfiguring Myth and Narrative in Contemporary Opera: Osvaldo Golijov, Kaija Saariaho, John Adams, and Tan Dun 2015
Red Star: The First Bolshevik Utopia 1984
Reframing Holocaust Testimony 2015
Religion in Philanthropic Organizations: Family, Friend, Foe? 2013
Remembering, Second Edition: A Phenomenological Study 2000
Remixing the Classroom: Toward an Open Philosophy of Music Education 2016
Reply All: Stories 2012
Resurgent Antisemitism: Global Perspectives 2013
Rethinking African Cultural Production 2015
Rethinking the Messianic Idea in Judaism 2015
Rhinoceros Giants: The Paleobiology of Indricotheres 2013
Rice Talks: Food and Community in a Vietnamese Town 2012
Richard E. Norman and Race Filmmaking 2014
Richard G. Lugar, Statesman of the Senate: Crafting Foreign Policy from Capitol Hill 2012
Riddley Walker, Expanded Edition 1998
The Rigor of a Certain Inhumanity: Toward a Wider Suffrage 2012
Riley Child-Rhymes with Hoosier Pictures: Indiana Bicentennial Edition 2016
Riley Farm-Rhymes 1905
Robert F. Kennedy and the 1968 Indiana Primary 2008
The Rock Island Line 2013
Roland Hayes: The Legacy of an American Tenor 2015
Rolling Away the Stone: Mary Baker Eddy's Challenge to Materialism 2006
Russia and the Golden Horde: The Mongol Impact on Medieval Russian History 1985
Russia's People of Empire: Life Stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the Present 2012
Russia's Steppe Frontier: The Making of a Colonial Empire, 1500-1800 2002
Sabertooth 2013
Saharan Frontiers: Space and Mobility in Northwest Africa 2012
Salvation and Suicide: An Interpretation of Jim Jones, the Peoples Temple, and Jonestown 2003
Santa Claus in Baghdad and Other Stories about Teens in the Arab World 2008
Saturday Night Live and American TV 2013
Saving Stalin's Imperial City: Historic Preservation in Leningrad, 1930–1950 2015
The Scholar's Survival Manual: A Road Map for Students, Faculty, and Administrators 2013
The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning In and Across the Disciplines 2013
Screen Culture and the Social Question, 1880-1914, KINtop 3 2016
Screens and Veils: Maghrebi Women's Cinema 2011
A Sea without Fish: Life in the Ordovician Sea of the Cincinnati Region 2009
Searching for Hope: Life at a Failing School in the Heart of America 2012
Season of Infamy: A Diary of War and Occupation, 1939-1945 2016
Secularism Soviet Style: Teaching Atheism and Religion in a Volga Republic 2011
Seeking a Sanctuary, Second Edition: Seventh-day Adventism and the American Dream 2007
Servants of Satan: The Age of the Witch Hunts 1985
Sex and Unisex: Fashion, Feminism, and the Sexual Revolution 2015
Sex Radical Cinema 2015
Sexual Behavior in the Human Female 1981
Sexual Behavior in the Human Male 1975
Shade of the Raintree, Centennial Edition: The Life and Death of Ross Lockridge, Jr., author of Raintree County 2014
The Shameful State 2016
Sharing Sacred Spaces in the Mediterranean: Christians, Muslims, and Jews at Shrines and Sanctuaries 2012
Shatterzone of Empires: Coexistence and Violence in the German, Habsburg, Russian, and Ottoman Borderlands 2013
Shi'i Cosmopolitanisms in Africa: Lebanese Migration and Religious Conversion in Senegal 2015
Shipshewana: An Indiana Amish Community 2004
Shostakovich's Music for Piano Solo: Interpretation and Performance 2015
Showers Brothers Furniture Company: The Shared Fortunes of a Family, a City, and a University 2012
Shrubs Large and Small: Natives and Ornamentals for Midwest Gardens 2013
Sightings: Stories 2013
Silent Cinema and the Politics of Space 2014
Singing Games in Early Modern Italy: The Music Books of Orazio Vecchi 2015
Singing Jeremiah: Music and Meaning in Holy Week 2014
Sixteen Cowries: Yoruba Divination from Africa to the New World 1980
The Snowden Reader 2015
The Socialist Sixties: Crossing Borders in the Second World 2013
Songs in Sepia and Black and White 2012
Sound, Speech, Music in Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema 2014
Sourcebook for Research in Music, Third Edition 2015
South African Women Living with HIV: Global Lessons from Local Voices 2014
The Spatial Humanities: GIS and the Future of Humanities Scholarship 2010
Speaking Pictures: Neuropsychoanalysis and Authorship in Film and Literature 2016
Spiders of the Market: Ghanaian Trickster Performance in a Web of Neoliberalism 2016
Staging Ghana: Artistry and Nationalism in State Dance Ensembles 2015
Stanley Cavell, Religion, and Continental Philosophy 2014
Starring Madame Modjeska: On Tour in Poland and America 2012
States of Emergency: Essays on Culture and Politics 2013
Stillness and Light: The Silent Eloquence of Shaker Architecture 2009
Stoic Pragmatism 2012
Stolen Childhood, Second Edition: Slave Youth in Nineteenth-Century America 2011
Storytelling on the Northern Irish Border: Characters and Community 2008
Strangers in the Wild Place: Refugees, Americans, and a German Town, 1945-1952 2013
The Subject of Holocaust Fiction 2015
Swahili Port Cities: The Architecture of Elsewhere 2016
The Swan: A Novel 2011
Syria's Democratic Years: Citizens, Experts, and Media in the 1950s 2015
Taking Stock: Cultures of Enumeration in Contemporary Jewish Life 2016
Tambú: Curaçao's African-Caribbean Ritual and the Politics of Memory 2012
Tamil Folk Music as Dalit Liberation Theology 2014
Tank Driver: With the 11th Armored from the Battle of the Bulge to VE Day 2003
Teaching Africa: A Guide for the 21st-Century Classroom 2013
Teaching, Learning, and the Holocaust: An Integrative Approach 2014
Technologies of Gender: Essays on Theory, Film, and Fiction 1987
Tel-Aviv, the First Century: Visions, Designs, Actualities 2012
Temple to Love: Architecture and Devotion in Seventeenth-Century Bengal 2005
Ten Arab Filmmakers: Political Dissent and Social Critique 2015
Tennessee Frontiers: Three Regions in Transition 2001
Terrarium 1985
Tex Avery: A Unique Legacy 2006
That the Blood Stay Pure: African Americans, Native Americans, and the Predicament of Race and Identity in Virginia 2013
A Theory of Semiotics 1976
Thinking about Video Games: Interviews with the Experts 2015
This Is INDIANA: Tom Crean, the Team, and the Exciting Comeback of Hoosier Basketball 2012
This Is Only a Test 2016
Threads of Empire: Loyalty and Tsarist Authority in Bashkiria, 1552–1917 2016
Tirpitz and the Imperial German Navy 2011
Today I Am a Woman: Stories of Bat Mitzvah around the World 2012
Together and Apart in Brzezany: Poles, Jews, and Ukrainians, 1919-1945 2002
Tomorrow's Air Force: Tracing the Past, Shaping the Future 2014
The Tortoise in Asia 2015
Touching America's History: From the Pequot War through WWII 2013
Toward Spatial Humanities: Historical GIS and Spatial History 2014
Tragedy in Hegel's Early Theological Writings 2014
Transit: A Novel 2012
Trapped in Iran: A Mother's Desperate Journey to Freedom 2016
Trash: African Cinema from Below 2013
The Tribal Knot: A Memoir of Family, Community, and a Century of Change 2013
Trickster Theatre: The Poetics of Freedom in Urban Africa 2015
Tropical Cowboys: Westerns, Violence, and Masculinity in Kinshasa 2016
Trouble Showed the Way: Women, Men, and Trade in the Nairobi Area, 1890 - 1990 1997
Troubled Geographies: A Spatial History of Religion and Society in Ireland 2013
Twelve Dancing Princesses 1964
Tyrannosaurid Paleobiology 2013
Undeniably Indiana: Hoosiers Tell the Story of Their Wacky and Wonderful State 2016
Understanding Philanthropy: Its Meaning and Mission 2008
UNESCO on the Ground: Local Perspectives on Intangible Cultural Heritage 2015
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Encyclopedia of Camps and Ghettos, 1933-1945: Ghettos in German-Occupied Eastern Europe 2009
An Unreal Estate: Sustainability and Freedom in an Evolving Community 2012
The Unseen Things: Women, Secrecy, and HIV in Northern Nigeria 2016
Using and Abusing the Holocaust 2006
Utter Chaos 2016
Valor: The American Odyssey of Roy Dominguez 2012
Veiling in Africa 2013
Vernacular Architecture 2000
Village Life in Late Tsarist Russia 1993
Virginia Woolf and Music 2014
Visual Culture in the Modern Middle East: Rhetoric of the Image 2013
Walden x 40: Essays on Thoreau 2012
War and Technology 2013
Warfare in Woods and Forests 2012
"We Only Come Here to Struggle": Stories from Berida's Life 2000
The Weakness of God: A Theology of the Event 2006
The Well-Dressed Hobo: The Many Wondrous Adventures of a Man Who Loves Trains 2016
Well-Tempered Woodwinds: Friedrich von Huene and the Making of Early Music in a New World 2015
West Africa's Women of God: Alinesitoué and the Diola Prophetic Tradition 2016
Wet Britches and Muddy Boots: A History of Travel in Victorian America 2013
What Is Fiction For?: Literary Humanism Restored 2015
What This River Keeps: A Novel 2012
When Europe Was a Prison Camp: Father and Son Memoirs, 1940-1941 2015
When the World Becomes Female: Guises of a South Indian Goddess 2013
Where Chiang Kai-shek Lost China: The Liao-Shen Campaign, 1948 2015
Where the Spirits Ride the Wind: Trance Journeys and Other Ecstatic Experiences 1990
The White River Badlands: Geology and Paleontology 2015
White Robes, Silver Screens: Movies and the Making of the Ku Klux Klan 2015
William J. Forsyth: The Life and Work of an Indiana Artist 2014
William James in Focus: Willing to Believe 2013
William James, Pragmatism, and American Culture 2015
Winesburg, Indiana: A Fork River Anthology 2015
Woman, Native, Other: Writing Postcoloniality and Feminism 1989
Women and Music: A History 2001
Women and the Gift: Beyond the Given and All-Giving 2013
Women's Songs from West Africa 2014
Worker-Mothers on the Margins of Europe: Gender and Migration between Moldova and Istanbul 2015
Writing History at the Ottoman Court: Editing the Past, Fashioning the Future 2013
Writing Jewish Culture: Paradoxes in Ethnography 2016
Writing Travel in Central Asian History 2014
Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 1: 1857-1866 1982
Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 2: 1867-1871 1984
Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 3: 1872–1878 1986
Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 4: 1879–1884 1989
Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 5: 1884-1886 1993
Writings of Charles S. Peirce: A Chronological Edition, Volume 8: 1890–1892 2010
Written in Blood: The Battles for Fortress Przemyl in WWI 2016
Yearning for the New Age: Laura Holloway-Langford and Late Victorian Spirituality 2012
The Year's Work at the Zombie Research Center 2014
The Year's Work in Lebowski Studies 2009
The Year's Work in the Oddball Archive 2016
Youth Politics in Putin's Russia: Producing Patriots and Entrepreneurs 2015
Zimbabwe's Cinematic Arts: Language, Power, Identity 2013
A Zionist among Palestinians 2012
Zionists in Interwar Czechoslovakia: Minority Nationalism and the Politics of Belonging 2016

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