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112 Books in JSTOR Copyright Date
Achebe and Friends at Umuahia: The Making of a Literary Elite 2015
Africa-centred Knowledges: Crossing Fields and Worlds 2014
The African Garrison State: Human Rights and Political Development in Eritrea 2014
African Hosts and their Guests: Cultural Dynamics of Tourism 2012
African Local Knowledge & Livestock Health: Diseases & Treatments in South Africa 2013
African Theatre 10: Media and Performance 2011
African Theatre 11: Festivals 2012
African Theatre 12: Shakespeare in and out of Africa 2013
African Theatre 13: Ngugi wa Thiong'o and Wole Soyinka 2014
African Theatre 14: Contemporary Women 2015
African Theatre 7: Companies 2008
African Theatre 8: Diasporas 2009
African Theatre 9: Histories 1850-1950 2010
Africa's Land Rush: Rural Livelihoods and Agrarian Change 2015
Afro-European Trade in the Atlantic World: The Western Slave Coast, c. 1550- c. 1885 2015
After the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in Sudan 2010
Alliance of the Colored Peoples: Ethiopia and Japan before World War II 2011
ALT 26 War in African Literature Today 2008
ALT 27 New Novels in African Literature Today 2010
ALT 30 Reflections & Retrospectives in African Literature Today 2012
ALT 31 Writing Africa in the Short Story: African Literature Today 2013
ALT 32 Politics & Social Justice: African Literature Today 2014
ALT 33 Children's Literature & Story-telling: African Literature Today 2015
ALT 34 Diaspora & Returns in Fiction: African Literature Today 2016
Approaching African History 2013
Beyond Religious Tolerance: Muslim, Christian & Traditionalist Encounters in an African Town 2017
Borders and Borderlands as Resources in the Horn of Africa 2010
Breaking the Silence: South African Representations of HIV/AIDS 2013
Bulawayo Burning: The Social History of a Southern African City, 1893-1960 2010
Children on the Move in Africa: Past and Present Experiences of Migration 2016
China's Aid and Soft Power in Africa: The Case of Education and Training 2013
Christopher Okigbo 1930-67: Thirsting for Sunlight 2010
Circular Migration in Zimbabwe and Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa 2010
Civic Agency in Africa: Arts of Resistance in the 21st Century 2014
Colonialism and Violence in Zimbabwe: A History of Suffering 2013
Commercial Agriculture, the Slave Trade and Slavery in Atlantic Africa 2013
A Companion to Mia Couto 2016
Conflict and Security in Africa 2013
Darfur: Colonial violence, Sultanic legacies and local politics, 1916-1956 2015
Dealing with Government in South Sudan: Histories of Chiefship, Community and State 2013
A Death Retold in Truth and Rumour: Kenya, Britain and the Julie Ward Murder 2015
The Dennis Brutus Tapes: Essays at autobiography 2011
Diamonds, Dispossession and Democracy in Botswana 2008
Disrupting Territories: Land, Commodification and Conflict in Sudan 2014
Do Bicycles Equal Development in Mozambique? 2008
Domesticating Vigilantism in Africa 2010
The Economics of Ethnic Conflict: The Case of Burkina Faso 2013
Economy of Ghana: Analytical Perspectives on Stability, Growth and Poverty 2007
Electricity in Africa: The Politics of Transformation in Uganda 2017
Empire, Development and Colonialism: The Past in the Present 2009
Eritrea: A Dream Deferred 2009
The Eritrean National Service: Servitude for "the common good" & the Youth Exodus 2017
Ethiopia: The Last Two Frontiers 2011
The Ethiopian Red Terror Trials: Transitional Justice Challenged 2009
Expressing Identities in the Basque Arena 2007
Fighting for Britain: African Soldiers in the Second World War 2010
Foundations of an African Civilisation: Aksum and the northern Horn, 1000 BC - AD 1300 2012
The Freetown Bond: A Life under Two Flags 2012
From Revolution to Rights in South Africa: Social Movements, NGOs and Popular Politics After Apartheid 2008
From the Pit to the Market: Politics and the Diamond Economy in Sierra Leone 2012
The Front Line Runs through Every Woman: Women and Local Resistance in the Zimbabwean Liberation War 2011
Gender, Home & Identity: Nuer Repatriation to Southern Sudan 2014
Germany's Genocide of the Herero: Kaiser Wilhelm II, His General, His Settlers, His Soldiers 2011
Ghosts of Kanungu: Fertility, Secrecy and Exchange in the Great Lakes of East Africa 2009
A History of Malawi: 1859-1966 2012
Identity Economics: Social Networks and the Informal Economy in Nigeria 2010
Islam and Ethnicity in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia 2012
Land, Governance, Conflict and the Nuba of Sudan 2010
Liberation Movements in Power: Party and State in Southern Africa 2013
Living Terraces in Ethiopia: Konso Landscape, Culture and Development 2009
Losing your Land: Dispossession in the Great Lakes 2014
Lost Nationalism: Revolution, Memory and Anti-colonial Resistance in Sudan 2015
Mandela's Kinsmen: Nationalist Elites and Apartheid's First Bantustan 2014
Men in African Film and Fiction 2011
Narrative Shape-Shifting: Myth, Humor and History in the Fiction of Ben Okri, B. Kojo Laing and Yvonne Vera 2009
A New Generation of African Writers: Migration, Material Culture and Language 2008
Nyerere: The Early Years 2014
Obasanjo, Nigeria and the World 2011
The Oromo and the Christian Kingdom of Ethiopia: 1300-1700 2015
Out in Africa: Same-Sex Desire in Sub-Saharan 2013
Pastoralism and Politics in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia 2012
Ploughing New Ground: Food, Farming & Environmental Change in Ethiopia 2017
The Political Economy of Everyday Life in Africa: Beyond the Margins 2017
The Politics of Peacemaking in Africa: Non-State Actors' Role in the Liberian Civil War 2017
The Quest for Socialist Utopia: The Ethiopian Student Movement, c. 1960-1974 2014
Reading Marechera 2013
Reading Nuruddin Farah: The individual, the novel & the idea of home The individual, the novel & the idea of home 2014
Regional Integration, Identity and Citizenship in the Greater Horn of Africa 2012
Remaking Mutirikwi: Landscape, Water & Belonging in Southern Zimbabwe 2015
Resurrecting Cannibals: The Catholic Church, Witch-Hunts and the Production of Pagans in Western Uganda 2011
The Road to Soweto: Resistance and the Uprising of 16 June 1976 2016
The Root Causes of Sudan's Civil Wars: Old Wars and New Wars (Expanded 3rd Edition) 2016
Scoring Race: Jazz, Fiction, and Francophone Africa 2017
Sects & Social Disorder: Muslim Identities & Conflict in northern Nigeria 2014
Sexuality and Gender Politics in Mozambique: Rethinking Gender in Africa 2011
Slaves of Fortune: Sudanese Soldiers and the River War, 1896-1898 2011
South Africa and the World Economy: Remaking Race, State, and Region 2013
South Africa - The Present as History: From Mrs Ples to Mandela and Marikana 2014
South Africa's Gold Mines and the Politics of Silicosis 2012
The State of Post-conflict Reconstruction: Land, urban development and state-building in Juba, Southern Sudan 2014
Sudan Looks East: China, India and the Politics of Asian Alternatives 2011
The Swahili Novel: Challenging the Idea of 'Minor Literature' 2013
Thomas Pringle: South African pioneer, poet and abolitionist 2012
A Victorian Gentleman and Ethiopian Nationalist: The Life and Times of Hakim Wärqenäh, Dr. Charles Martin 2012
Village Matters: Knowledge, Politics and Community in Kabylia, Algeria 2009
Violent Conversion: Brazilian Pentecostalism and Urban Women in Mozambique 2016
Volunteer Economies: The Politics and Ethics of Voluntary Labour in Africa 2016
War and the Politics of Identity in Ethiopia: The Making of Enemies and Allies in the Horn of Africa 2009
Women, Land and Justice in Tanzania 2015
Women, Migration & the Cashew Economy in Southern Mozambique: 1945-1975 2015
Women's Land Rights and Privatization in Eastern Africa 2008
Writing the Nigeria-Biafra War 2016