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Annales de Géographie 1891 - 2013
Annals of the Association of American Geographers 1911 - 2011
Arctic 1948 - 2015
Arctic, Antarctic, and Alpine Research 1999 - 2013
Arctic and Alpine Research 1969 - 1998
Area 1969 - 2011
Cultural Geographies 2002 - 2013
Ecumene 1994 - 2001
Earth Sciences History 1982 - 2011
Economic Geography 1925 - 2011
Erdkunde 1947 - 2015
Geografiska Annaler. Series A, Physical Geography 1965 - 2011
Geografiska Annaler 1919 - 1964
Geografiska Annaler. Series B, Human Geography 1965 - 2011
Geografiska Annaler 1919 - 1964
The Geographical Journal 1893 - 2011
Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society and Monthly Record of Geography 1879 - 1892
The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society of London 1831 - 1880
Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London 1857 - 1877
Geographical Review 1916 - 2011
Bulletin of the American Geographical Society 1901 - 1915
Journal of the American Geographical Society of New York 1872 - 1900
Journal of the American Geographical and Statistical Society 1859 - 1870
Geographische Zeitschrift 1895 - 2012
Geography 1927 - 2013
The Geographical Teacher 1901 - 1926
GeoJournal 1977 - 2013
Globe Studies 2002 - 2011
Der Globusfreund 1954 - 2011
Horizons in Geography / אופקים בגאוגרפיה 1975 - 2013
Imago Mundi 1935 - 2009
Journal of Economic Geography 2001 - 2011
The Journal of Geology 1893 - 2015
Journal of Latin American Geography 2002 - 2013
Yearbook (Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers) 1984 - 2002
Proceedings of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers 1981 - 1983
Publication Series (Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers) 1971 - 1980
Journal of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1964 - 2011
Journal of the Malayan Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1923 - 1963
Journal of the Straits Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society 1878 - 1988
New Geographical Literature and Maps 1951 - 1980
Recent Geographical Literature, Maps and Photographs 1935 - 1941
Supplement to the Geographical Journal: Recent Geographical Literature, Maps, and Photographs Added to the Society's Collections 1918 - 1935
Revista Geográfica 1941 - 2011
Teaching Geography 1975 - 2013
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 1965 - 2011
Transactions and Papers (Institute of British Geographers) 1946 - 1964
Transactions (Institute of British Geographers) 1935 - 1939
Yearbook of the Association of Pacific Coast Geographers 1935 - 2013
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Above The City: Hiking Hong Kong Island 2005
An American Provence 2011
Appalachian Tectonics 1967
Archaeological Landscapes on the High Plains 2008
Atlas hydrogéologique de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue 2016
Atlas of Geology and Mineral Deposits 2007
An Atlas of Roman Britain: An Atlas of Roman Britain 1990
Atlas of the Transatlantic Slave Trade 2010
The Atmospheric Environment: A Study of Comfort and Performance 1972
Bear River: Last Chance to Change Course 2007
Borderscapes: Hidden Geographies and Politics at Territory’s Edge 2007
Canada's Cold Environments 1993
Canada's Vegetation: A World Perspective 1995
Changing Identifications and Alliances in North-East Africa: Volume I: Ethiopia and Kenya 2009
Changing Identifications and Alliances in North-East Africa: Volume II: Sudan, Uganda, and the Ethiopia-Sudan Borderlands 2009
Circumpolar Health Atlas 2012
City and Environment 2006
Coming Home to China 2007
Comparative Biogeography: Discovering and Classifying Biogeographical Patterns of a Dynamic Earth 2009
Concrete Jungle: New York City and Our Last Best Hope for a Sustainable Future 2014
Continental Drift 1966
Creative Margins: Cultural Production in Canadian Suburbs 2013
Crucial Maps in the Early Cartography and Place-Nomenclature of the Atlantic Coast of Canada 1964
Defining the Delta: Multidisciplinary Perspectives on the Lower Mississippi River Delta 2015
Economic Analysis of Provincial Land Use Policies in Ontario 1980
Electromagnetic Distance Measurement 1967
The Elusive West and the Contest for Empire, 1713-1763 2011
An Errant Eye: Poetry and Topography in Early Modern France 2011
Etudes sur la Geographie du Canada 1972
Everyday Environmentalism: Creating an Urban Political Ecology 2012
The Feel of the City: Experiences of Urban Transformation 2014
Forest Soils: Properties and Processes 1977
Geografía de las dunas costeras de Chile: Instrumentos y pautas para su manejo integrado 2015
Geografía Humana: Conceptos Básicos y Aplicaciones 2012
Geographies of New Orleans: Urban Fabrics Before the Storm 2006
Geographies of the Holocaust 2014
The Geysers of Yellowstone, Fourth Edition 2008
The Global and the Intimate: Feminism in Our Time 2012
Governing Urban Economies: Innovation and Inclusion in Canadian City Regions 2014
The Great Rift Valleys of Pangea in Eastern North America: Volume 1 2003
Habitations et Milieu de Vie: L'évolution du logement au Canada, 1945 à 1986 1994
Historic Maps of Kentucky 1979
Historical Atlas of Northeast Asia, 1590-2010: Korea, Manchuria, Mongolia, Eastern Siberia 2014
A History of the Native Woodlands of Scotland, 1500-1920 2007
Hong Kong Landscapes: Shaping the Barren Rock 2007
The Housing and Economic Experiences of Immigrants in U.S. and Canadian Cities 2015
The human atlas of Europe: A continent united in diversity 2017
Human Biogeography 2012
Human Ecology of Beringia 2007
Hydroids of the Pacific Coast of Canada and the United States 1937
Illustrated Atlas of the Himalaya 2006
Industrial Transformation and Challenge in Australia and Canada 1990
Innovating in Urban Economies: Economic Transformation in Canadian City-Regions 2014
International Geography 1972: Volumes 1 and 2 1972
A Jumble of Needs: Women’s Activism and Neoliberalism in the Colonias of the Southwest 2010
Mapping and Empire 2005
Mapping Israel, Mapping Palestine: How Occupied Landscapes Shape Scientific Knowledge 2017
Mapping the Country of Regions: The Chorographic Commission of Nineteenth-Century Colombia 2016
Metroburbia, USA 2008
Milanese Encounters: Public Space and Vision in Contemporary Urban Italy 2015
Mining and Natural Hazard Vulnerability in the Philippines: Digging to Development or Digging to Disaster? 2012
Mountain Geography: Physical and Human Dimensions 2013
Muskeg Engineering Handbook 1969
The Myth of Continents: A Critique of Metageography 1997
The Niagara Escarpment: From Tobermory to Niagara Falls 1975
Observations on the Alewife, Pomolobus Pseudoharengus (Wilson), in Fresh Water 1956
Opening a Window to the West: The Foreign Concession at Kobe, Japan, 1868-1899 2014
People, Plants, and Justice: The Politics of Nature Conservation 1999
Permafrost in Canada 1970
Pesquisa qualitativa em geografia: reflexões teórico-conceituais e aplicadas 2016
Places for Dead Bodies 2000
Planeta de ciudades 2014
Planning Democracy: Agrarian Intellectuals and the Intended New Deal 2015
Political Matter: Technoscience, Democracy, and Public Life 2010
The Proterozoic in Canada 1957
Reclaiming the Don: An Environmental History of Toronto's Don River Valley 2014
A reinvenção do espaço: diálogos em torno da construção do significado de uma categoria 2002
Remoteness and Modernity: Transformation and Continuity in Northern Pakistan 2015
Residential Water Demand: Alternative Choices for Management 1972
Rethinking Urban Parks 2005
The Road to Botany Bay: An Exploration of Landscape and History 1987
The Roof at the Bottom of the World 2011
Seeking Asylum: Human Smuggling and Bureaucracy at the Border 2010
Seeking New Horizons: A Perceptual Approach to Geographic Education 1990
Shady Practices: Agroforestry and Gender Politics in The Gambia 1999
Shaping the Urban Landscape: Aspects of the Canadian City-Building Process 1982
The social atlas of Europe 2014
Social Infrastructure and Vulnerability in the Suburbs 2015
Spatial Data Infrastructures at Work: Analysing the Spatial Enablement of Public Sector Processes 2013
The Spatial Humanities: GIS and the Future of Humanities Scholarship 2010
Spatial Optimization in Ecological Applications 2002
Steel City: Hamilton and Region 1987
Studies in Canadian Geography: Ontario 1972
Theory of Seismic Head Waves 1971
Three Centuries and the Island 1959
Traveling the 38th Parallel: A Water Line around the World 2013
Troubled Geographies: A Spatial History of Religion and Society in Ireland 2013
Urban Transportation Financing: Theory and Policy in Ontario 1982
Virtualism, Governance and Practice: Vision and Execution in Environmental Conservation 2009
Water and Climate in the Western United States 2003
The Western Interior of Canada: A Record of Geographical Discovery, 1612-1917 1964
Wildlife in the Anthropocene: Conservation after Nature 2015
Work in Transition: Cultural Capital and Highly Skilled Migrants' Passages into the Labour Market 2014
Yorck and the Era of Prussian Reform 1966