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Listy filologické / Folia philologica 1887 - 2013
Listy filologické a paedagogické 1874 - 1886
Signs 1975 - 2015
Language 1925 - 2011
The Transatlantic Review 1959 - 1977
Dickens Studies Annual 2017
Trama & Texturas 2006 - 2015
The Conradian 1981 - 2012
The Journal of the Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.) 1975 - 1980
The Joseph Conrad Society (U.K.) Newsletter 1973 - 1975
Journal of West Indian Literature 1986 - 2013
MELUS 1974 - 2013
Social Text 1979 - 1999
German Studies Review 1978 - 2011
Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews (CLEAR) 1979 - 2013
Francofonia 1981 - 2013
Italianistica: Rivista di letteratura italiana 1982 - 2011
AAA: Arbeiten aus Anglistik und Amerikanistik 1976 - 2015
The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America 1912 - 2015
Papers (Bibliographical Society of America) 1909 - 1911
The Bulletin of the Bibliographical Society of America 1907 - 1912
Proceedings and Papers (Bibliographical Society of America) 1904 - 1908
Poetica 1967 - 2013
Western American Literature 1966 - 2011
Colloquia Germanica 1967 - 2014
The Cambridge Quarterly 1965 - 2011
Literature and Theology 1987 - 2011
Newsletter (National Conference on Literature and Religion) 1983 - 1986
New German Critique 1973 - 2011
Zeitschrift für Germanistik 1980 - 2013
Studies in American Naturalism 2006 - 2011
Revue des Deux Mondes 1982 - 2013
La Nouvelle Revue des Deux Mondes 1972 - 1982
Diacritics 1971 - 2009
Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art 1977 - 2014
The Yearbook of English Studies 1971 - 2017
The French Review. Special Issue 1970 - 1982
South Atlantic Review 1981 - 2013
South Atlantic Bulletin 1935 - 1980
Journal of Basic Writing 1975 - 2014
William Carlos Williams Review 1980 - 2017
William Carlos Williams Newsletter 1975 - 1979
AJS Review 1976 - 2011
Poetics Today 1979 - 1999
The Harold Pinter Review 2017
Critical Survey 1962 - 2013
Indo-Iranian Journal 1957 - 2011
The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 1999 - 2017
The Mark Twain Annual 2003 - 2017
Revue des études slaves 1921 - 2014
The Agni Review 1972 - 1987
Agni 1988 - 2014
The Slavic and East European Journal 1957 - 2013
AATSEEL Journal 1954 - 1956
Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages 1947 - 1953
Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of Slavonic and East European Languages 1945 - 1946
Shakespeare Quarterly 1950 - 2011
The Shakespeare Association Bulletin 1924 - 1949
Victorian Poetry 1963 - 2011
Renaissance Quarterly 1967 - 2015
Renaissance News 1948 - 1966
Studies in the Renaissance 1954 - 1974
Oceanic Linguistics Special Publications 1966 - 2011
The Review of English Studies 1925 - 2011
Research in African Literatures 1970 - 2017
Christianity and Literature 1978 - 2013
Milton Studies 2017
PMLA 1889 - 2011
Transactions and Proceedings of the Modern Language Association of America 1886 - 1887
Transactions of the Modern Language Association of America 1884
Modern Language Association of America. Proceedings 1884 - 1885
Daedalus 1955 - 2011
Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1846 - 1958
Phoenix 1946 - 2016
Irish Journal of American Studies 1992 - 2004
Ériu 1904 - 2017
Grand Street 1981 - 2004
World Literature Today 1977 - 2017
Books Abroad 1927 - 1976
Oceanic Linguistics 1962 - 2013
NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 1967 - 2011
New Literary History 1969 - 2011
Irish Pages 2002 - 2013
The Crane Bag 1977 - 1985
Writing Ulster 1990 - 1999
The New England Quarterly 1928 - 2013
Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1783 - 1957
Modern Philology 1903 - 2015
The Modern Language Review 1905 - 2017
The Modern Language Quarterly (1900-1904) 1900 - 1904
The Modern Quarterly of Language and Literature 1898 - 1899
The Modern Language Quarterly (1897) 1897
MLN 1962 - 2011
Modern Language Notes 1886 - 1961
The Modern Language Journal 1916 - 2013
Luso-Brazilian Review 1964 - 2011
Victorian Studies 1957 - 2017
Early American Literature 1968 - 2015
Early American Literature Newsletter 1966 - 1968
Field Day Review 2005 - 2015
English Literary Renaissance 1971 - 2011
Critical Inquiry 1974 - 2015
The North American Review 1821 - 2013
The North-American Review and Miscellaneous Journal 1815 - 1821
Pacific Coast Philology 1966 - 2017
Victorian Periodicals Review 1979 - 2011
Victorian Periodicals Newsletter 1968 - 1978
Victorian Literature and Culture 1997 - 2011
Browning Institute Studies 1973 - 1990
Records of the Academy (American Academy of Arts and Sciences) 1958 - 2003
SubStance 1971 - 2011
The Massachusetts Review 1959 - 2011
Harvard Review 1992 - 2013
Harvard Book Review 1989 - 1991
Erato 1986 - 1988
Feminist Studies 1972 - 2017
Yale French Studies 1948 - 2014
Mississippi Review 1972 - 2014
Latin American Literary Review 1972 - 2013
The Chaucer Review 1966 - 2017
Modern Language Studies 1971 - 2013
NEMLA Newsletter (1969-1970) 1969 - 1970
Journal of New Zealand Literature (JNZL) 1983 - 2016
Narrative 1993 - 2011
Rhetorica: A Journal of the History of Rhetoric 1983 - 2015
College Literature 1974 - 2011
Die Unterrichtspraxis / Teaching German 1968 - 2013
Twentieth Century Literature 1955 - 2011
Transition 1961 - 2017
Speculum 1926 - 2013
Studies in English Literature, 1500-1900 1961 - 2011
Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature / מחקרי ירושלים בספרות עברית 1981 - 2014
Littérature 1971 - 2013
South: A Scholarly Journal 2015
The Southern Literary Journal 1968 - 2015
Hommes et mondes 1946 - 1956
Al-'Arabiyya 1975 - 2014
An-Nashra 1967 - 1974
Moznaim / מאזנים 1929 - 2014
Philip Roth Studies 2005 - 2017
Japanese Language and Literature 2001 - 2015
The Journal of the Association of Teachers of Japanese 1972 - 2000
The Journal-Newsletter of the Association of Teachers of Japanese 1963 - 1972
Law and Literature 2002 - 2013
Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature 1989 - 2001
Style 1967 - 2017
African Languages and Cultures. Supplement 1992 - 1996
Esprit 1940 - 2013
Esprit et le Voltigeur 1939 - 1940
Esprit (1932-1939) 1932 - 1939
Annals of the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute 1918 - 2011
Litoral 1926 - 2011
Zeitschrift für Slavische Philologie 1924 - 2012
Renaissance and Reformation / Renaissance et Réforme 1964 - 2013
Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts 1988 - 2013
Neuphilologische Mitteilungen 1899 - 2013
Composition Studies 1992 - 2012
Freshman English News 1972 - 1991
Portuguese Studies 1985 - 2017
The Wordsworth Circle 1970 - 2014
Journal of African Cultural Studies 1998 - 2009
African Languages and Cultures 1988 - 1997
The Korean Language in America 1995 - 2017
Early Theatre 1998 - 2014
Records of Early English Drama 1976 - 1997
Technical Communication 1967 - 2011
STWP Review 1960 - 1966
Studi Novecenteschi 1972 - 2011
Diálogos: Artes, Letras, Ciencias humanas 1964 - 1985
Langages 1966 - 2013
Studies in Popular Culture 1977 - 2015
South Central Review 1984 - 2011
The South Central Bulletin 1940 - 1983
The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Association 1984 - 2016
The Bulletin of the Midwest Modern Language Association 1968 - 1983
Cultural Critique 1985 - 2017
Rhetoric Review 1982 - 2009
The Arthur Miller Journal 2006 - 2017
The Arthur Miller Society Newsletter 1999 - 2005
Representations 1983 - 2015
The Cormac McCarthy Journal 2001 - 2017
Tulsa Studies in Women's Literature 1982 - 2011
Nineteenth-Century French Studies 1972 - 2011
Language Arts 1975 - 2013
Elementary English 1947 - 1975
The Elementary English Review 1924 - 1946
Discourse 1979 - 2017
Nineteenth-Century Literature 1986 - 2015
Nineteenth-Century Fiction 1949 - 1986
The Trollopian 1945 - 1949
North American journal of Celtic studies 2017
Studies in American Jewish Literature (1981-) 1981 - 2017
Studies in American Jewish Literature (1975-1979) 1975 - 1979
The Eugene O'Neill Review 1989 - 2016
INTI 1974 - 2013
Belfagor 1946 - 2012
Hispanófila 1957 - 2013
Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Classe di Lettere e Filosofia 1971 - 2011
Annali della Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Lettere, Storia e Filosofia 1943 - 1970
Annali della R. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Lettere, Storia e Filosofia 1932 - 1943
Romanische Forschungen 1883 - 2011
Marvels & Tales 1997 - 2017
Merveilles & contes 1987 - 1996
Austrian Studies 2003 - 2016
The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies 1930 - 2016
Interdisciplinary Literary Studies 1999 - 2017
Mediterranean Studies 1989 - 2017
Journal of Advanced Composition 1980 - 1994
JAC 1995 - 2013
Great Plains Quarterly 1981 - 2011
Dappim: Research in Literature / דפים למחקר בספרות 1984 - 2014
African American Review 1992 - 2013
Black American Literature Forum 1976 - 1991
Negro American Literature Forum 1967 - 1976
Journal of Posthuman Studies 2017
Studies in American Humor 1974 - 2017
American Humor 1974 - 1983
Early Modern Women 2006 - 2013
Criticism 1959 - 2016
The Georgia Review 1947 - 2013
American Literary History 1989 - 2011
The American Scholar 1932 - 2011
The Phi Beta Kappa Key 1910 - 1931
Modern Chinese Literature and Culture 1999 - 2014
Modern Chinese Literature 1984 - 1998
Modern Chinese Literature Newsletter 1975 - 1981
The Eighteenth Century 1979 - 2013
The Edgar Allan Poe Review 2000 - 2017
PSA Newsletter 1978 - 1999
Newsletter (Poe Studies Association) 1973 - 1978
Reception: Texts, Readers, Audiences, History 2008 - 2017
Culture/Clinic 2013
Dispositio 1976 - 2005
Samuel Beckett Today / Aujourd'hui 1992 - 2011
Journal of Caribbean Literatures 1997 - 2013
Atlantis 1979 - 2014
ETC: A Review of General Semantics 1943 - 2011
Biography 1978 - 2013
Ambit 1959 - 2013
Sign Language Studies 1972 - 2015
Salmagundi 1965 - 2009
Revue d'Histoire littéraire de la France 1894 - 2013
Renacimiento 1988 - 2010
Zeitschrift für deutsches Altertum und deutsche Literatur 1876 - 2012
Zeitschrift für deutsches Alterthum 1841 - 1875
Modern Austrian Literature 1968 - 2011
Journal of the International Arthur Schnitzler Research Association 1963 - 1967
Narrative Culture 2014 - 2016
Fairy Tale Review 2005 - 2017
Storytelling, Self, Society 2004 - 2015
Bibliothèque d'Humanisme et Renaissance 1941 - 2013
Humanisme et Renaissance 1934 - 1940
Revue du Seizième siècle 1913 - 1932
Qui Parle 1987 - 2016
Ça Parle 1985
Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Literatur 1889 - 2012
Zeitschrift für neufranzösische Sprache und Literatur 1879 - 1888
Conjunctions 1981 - 2014
French Forum 1976 - 2013
The American Poetry Review 1972 - 2013
Victorian Review 1989 - 2013
Newsletter of the Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada 1972 - 1988
symplokē 1993 - 2016
Studies in American Indian Literatures 1980 - 2017
Newsletter of the Association for Study of American Indian Literatures 1977 - 1979
Prooftexts 1981 - 2015
Legacy 1984 - 2017
Storyworlds: A Journal of Narrative Studies 2009 - 2016
Shaw 1981 - 2017
The Shaw Review 1959 - 1980
Bulletin (Shaw Society of America) 1951 - 1958
The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies 2010 - 2017
Gastronomica 2001 - 2015
Caribbean Quarterly 1949 - 2012
KulturPoetik 2001 - 2015
Paragraph 1983 - 2011
The Hudson Review 1948 - 2013
Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies (HJEAS) 1995 - 2012
Hungarian Studies in English 1991 - 1992
Angol Filológiai Tanulmányok / Hungarian Studies in English 1936 - 1990
Prairie Schooner 1927 - 2013
Texas Studies in Literature and Language 1959 - 2013
Texas Studies in English 1957 - 1958
The University of Texas Studies in English 1949 - 1956
Studies in English 1911 - 1948
Grial 1963 - 2011
Medium Ævum 1932 - 2011
Arthuriana (1928-1930) 1928 - 1929
Studies in the Novel 1969 - 2015
Nouvelles Études Francophones 2004 - 2011
George Eliot - George Henry Lewes Studies 1992 - 2017
The George Eliot, George Henry Lewes Newsletter 1983 - 1991
Medieval & Renaissance Drama in England 1984 - 2013
Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700 1977 - 2013
The Baffler 1988 - 2015
LSA Bulletin 1970 - 2005
Guide to Programs in Linguistics 1974
Bulletin (Linguistic Society of America) 1926 - 1969
University Resources in the United States and Canada for the Study of Linguistics 1971
Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures 1976 - 2017
Dalhousie French Studies 1979 - 2012
Mark Twain Journal 1954 - 2014
Mark Twain Quarterly 1936 - 1953
Journal of South Asian Literature 1973 - 2000
Mahfil 1963 - 1972
Arthuriana 1994 - 2013
Quondam et Futurus 1980 - 1993
Arthurian Interpretations 1986 - 1990
Interpretations 1968 - 1985
Bilingual Review / La Revista Bilingüe 1974 - 2012
Scandinavian Studies 1941 - 2017
Scandinavian Studies and Notes 1917 - 1940
Publications of the Society for the Advancement of Scandinavian Study 1911 - 1916
Česká literatura 1953 - 2013
Appalachian Journal 1972 - 2013
James Joyce Broadsheet 1980 - 2013
The Maynooth Review / Revieú Mhá Nuad 1975 - 1989
New Hibernia Review / Iris Éireannach Nua 1997 - 2012
Studia Hibernica 1961 - 2011
The Iowa Review 1970 - 2013
Irish University Review 1970 - 2011
University Review 1954 - 1968
The Writing Center Journal 1980 - 2017
Oxford Literary Review 1978 - 2011
College English 1939 - 2013
College Composition and Communication 1950 - 2013
I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance 1985 - 2015
Classical Philology 1906 - 2015
The Antioch Review 1941 - 2017
The Linen Hall Review 1984 - 1995
The Sewanee Review 1892 - 2011
The Poetry Ireland Review 1981 - 2013
Mānoa 1989 - 2013
James Joyce Quarterly 1963 - 2011
Mathematical Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1998 - 2017
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section A: Mathematical and Physical Sciences 1902 - 1997
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
Books Ireland 1976 - 2017
Religion & Literature 1984 - 2013
Notre Dame English Journal 1965 - 1983
American Speech 1925 - 1999
Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 1948 - 2011
American Literature 1929 - 1999
The American Journal of Philology 1880 - 2011
boundary 2 1972 - 1999
Italica 1926 - 2014
Bulletin of the American Association of Teachers of Italian 1924 - 1925
The Threepenny Review 1980 - 2015
Revista de Crítica Literaria Latinoamericana 1975 - 2014
The Kenyon Review 1939 - 2013
Fourth Genre: Explorations in Nonfiction 1999 - 2017
Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 1993 - 2011
Callaloo 1976 - 2011
Studies in Philology 1906 - 2015
The French Review 1927 - 2011
Science Fiction Studies 1973 - 2017
Journal of Arabic Literature 1970 - 2011
Alif: Journal of Comparative Poetics 1981 - 2015
T'oung Pao 1890 - 2011
Rhetoric and Public Affairs 1998 - 2017
CR: The New Centennial Review 2001 - 2017
The Centennial Review 1961 - 1999
The Centennial Review of Arts & Science 1957 - 1960
Russian Language Journal / Русский язык 1966 - 2014
Renaissance Drama 1964 - 2015
Renaissance Drama, a Report on Research Opportunities 1963
Opportunities for Research in Renaissance Drama 1958 - 1959
Renaissance Drama (1956-1957) 1956 - 1957
Opportunities for Research in Renaissance Drama (Exclusive of Shakespeare) 1955
Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy 1993 - 2017
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Section B: Biological, Geological, and Chemical Science 1902 - 1992
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
Monatshefte 1946 - 2011
Monatshefte für Deutschen Unterricht 1928 - 1945
Monatshefte für deutsche Sprache und Pädagogik 1906 - 1926
Pädagogische Monatshefte / Pedagogical Monthly 1899 - 1905
Chicago Review 1946 - 2014
Literature/Film Quarterly 1973 - 2013
Dante Studies, with the Annual Report of the Dante Society 1966 - 2011
Annual Report of the Dante Society, with Accompanying Papers 1955 - 1965
Annual Reports of the Dante Society 1882 - 1954
Southwest Review 1924 - 2011
Texas Review 1915 - 1924
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy: Archaeology, Culture, History, Literature 1902 - 2016
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1889-1901) 1889 - 1901
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Polite Literature and Antiquities 1879
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. Science 1870 - 1884
Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy (1836-1869) 1836 - 1866
Letras Femeninas 1975 - 2011
The Belfast Magazine and Literary Journal 1825
Milton Quarterly 1970 - 2011
Milton Newsletter 1967 - 1969
Journal of Modern Literature 1970 - 2017
Keats-Shelley Journal 1952 - 2013
The Irish Monthly 1873 - 1954
Journal of Cuneiform Studies 1947 - 2017
Rocky Mountain Review 2008 - 2015
Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 1975 - 2007
The Bulletin of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association 1963 - 1974
The News Bulletin of the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association 1948 - 1962
Revista de Letras 1960 - 2013
The Journal of American Folklore 1888 - 2017
Hispanic Review 1933 - 2013
Hispania 1917 - 2015
International Journal of American Linguistics 1917 - 2015
Huntington Library Quarterly 1937 - 2015
The Huntington Library Bulletin 1931 - 1937
Indian Literature 1957 - 2013
ELH 1934 - 2011
The English Journal 1912 - 2013
The German Quarterly 1928 - 2013
Journal of Haitian Studies 1995 - 2015
Contemporary Literature 1968 - 2011
Wisconsin Studies in Contemporary Literature 1960 - 1967
Comparative Literature 1949 - 2011
Antipodes 1987 - 2016
International Journal of Persian Literature 2016 - 2017
Edith Wharton Review 1990 - 2017
Edith Wharton Newsletter 1984 - 1989
Journal of Narrative Theory 1999 - 2011
The Journal of Narrative Technique 1971 - 1998
Revista de libros de la Fundación Caja Madrid 2000 - 2011
Revista de libros 1997 - 2000
The Journal of English and Germanic Philology 1903 - 2017
The Journal of Germanic Philology 1897 - 1902
Textual Cultures 2006 - 2013
Text 1981 - 2006
Studies in the American Renaissance 1977 - 1996
Journal of Irish Studies 2001 - 2015
The Harp 1985 - 2000
Rhetoric Society Quarterly 1976 - 2009
Newsletter: Rhetoric Society of America 1968 - 1975
Hispamérica 1972 - 2013
Chasqui 1972 - 2013
Comhar 1942 - 2015
Romance Notes 1959 - 2013
Writing on the Edge 1989 - 2013
The Thoreau Society Bulletin 1941 - 2013
The Concord Saunterer 1966 - 2013
Langue Française 1969 - 2013
Mosaic: An Interdisciplinary Critical Journal 1967 - 2014
The Women's Review of Books 1983 - 2013
BOMB 1981 - 2014
Comparative Literature Studies 1963 - 2017
New England Review (1990-) 1990 - 2012
New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly 1982 - 1990
New England Review (1978-1982) 1978 - 1982
English in Africa 1974 - 2013
Annali della R. Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa. Filosofia e Filologia 1873 - 1915
Nueva Revista de Filología Hispánica 1947 - 2017
CLA Journal 1957 - 2014
The Slavonic and East European Review 1928 - 2017
The Slavonic Review 1922 - 1927
Annali d'Italianistica 1983 - 2013
Poetry 1912 - 2013
Translation and Literature 1992 - 2011
Arabica 1954 - 2011
The F. Scott Fitzgerald Review 2002 - 2016
The Steinbeck Review 2004 - 2017
Seizième Siècle 2005 - 2013
Nouvelle Revue du XVIe Siècle 1984 - 2004
Diderot Studies 1949 - 2009
American Literary Realism 1999 - 2018
American Literary Realism, 1870-1910 1967 - 1999
Profession 1977 - 2011
Ploughshares 1971 - 2014
Studies in Romanticism 1961 - 2013
Lĕšonénu: A Journal for the Study of the Hebrew Language and Cognate Subjects / לשוננו: כתב-עת לחקר הלשון העברית והתחומים הסמוכים לה 1928 - 2013
Revista Chilena de Literatura 1970 - 2017
Anales de la literatura española contemporánea 1981 - 2013
Anales de la narrativa española contemporánea 1979 - 1980
Journal of Spanish Studies: Twentieth Century 1973 - 1980
Anales de la novela de posguerra 1976 - 1978
Vergilius (1959-) 1959 - 2016
The Vergilian Digest 1958
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Iron Wedge/L'appel de la race 1986
Ciencia y modulación del pensamiento poético: percepción, emoción y metáfora en la escritura de Lorand Gaspar 2017
Sites Unseen: Architecture, Race, and American Literature 2011
The Stray Bullet: William S. Burroughs in Mexico 2013
The Works of Thomas Traherne V: Centuries of Meditations' and 'Select Meditations' 2013
Elizabeth Bishop 2003
Recontextualizing Texts: Narrative Performance in Modern Japanese Fiction 1999
Narrating Utopia: Ideology, Gender, Form in Utopian Literature 1999
The Cloak of Dreams: Chinese Fairy Tales 2010
Family Likeness: Sex, Marriage, and Incest from Jane Austen to Virginia Woolf 2008
Italian Chronicles 2017
The Problem of Woman in Late-Medieval Hispanic Literature 2005
The politics of betrayal: Renegades and ex-radicals from Mussolini to Christopher Hitchens 2013
Women and the Law: Carmen de Burgos, an Early Feminist 2005
Rewiring the Real: In Conversation with William Gaddis, Richard Powers, Mark Danielewski, and Don DeLillo 2013
Buzzing Hemisphere / Rumor Hemisférico 2015
The Conversational Circle: Rereading the English Novel, 1740-1775 1996
Voices of Italian America: A History of Early Italian American Literature with a Critical Anthology 2004
The Vandana Shiva Reader 2014
Drama and Intelligence: A Cognitive Theory 1990
The Good Wife's Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris): A Medieval Household Book 2009
A History of Spanish Golden Age Drama 1984
In Stereotype: South Asia in the Global Literary Imaginary 2014
Equivocal Prediction: George Herbert's Way to God 1981
Imperial Desire: Dissident Sexualities and Colonial Literature 2003
The Metanarrative of Blindness: A Re-reading of Twentieth-Century Anglophone Writing 2014
Thine Own Self: Individuality in Edith Stein's Later Writings 2010
Poetry and Poetics from Ancient Greece to the Renaissance: Studies in Honor of James Hutton 1975
Reflection In The Writing Classroom OPEN ACCESS 1998
Titus Andronicus 2013
A Celebration of Ben Jonson 1973
Settler Feminism and Race Making in Canada 2003
At the Speed of Light There is Only Illumination: A Reappraisal of Marshall McLuhan 2004
The Land of Open Doors: Being Letters from Western Canada 1911-1913 1976
Viking Poems on War and Peace: A Study in Skaldic Narrative 1991
Physics of Blackness: Beyond the Middle Passage Epistemology 2015
Pirates You Don't Know, and Other Adventures in the Examined Life: Collected Essays 2014
The Metamorphoses of Shakespearean Comedy 1985
Treason by Words: Literature, Law, and Rebellion in Shakespeare's England 2006
I Love Dollars and Other Stories of China 2007
Shipwrecked: Disaster and Transformation in Homer, Shakespeare, Defoe, and the Modern World 2014
A History of Scandinavian Literature, 1870-1980 1982
The English Housewife 1986
Reading Catullus 2008
Chinese Aesthetics: The Ordering of Literature, the Arts, and the Universe in the Six Dynasties 2004
Jane Austen, Virginia Woolf and Worldly Realism OPEN ACCESS 2017
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps: Selected Tales, Essays, and Poems 2014
Neo-Segregation Narratives: Jim Crow in Post-Civil Rights American Literature 2010
La idea de una universidad: John Henry Newman 2016
The Letters of Samuel Johnson, Volume V: Appendices and Comprehensive Index 1994
Secular Saints: Performing Frida Kahlo, Carlos Gardel, Eva Perón, and Selena 2008
The Religious Sublime: Christian Poetry and Critical Tradition in 18th-Century England 1972
Victorian Periodicals and Victorian Society 1994
Directions Home: Approaches to African-Canadian Literature 2012
The Metamorphosis of Tianxian pei: Local Opera under the Revolution (1949–1956) 2015
Shadowing Ralph Ellison 2006
Constantinople and the West in Medieval French Literature: Renewal and Utopia 2012
Life Writing in Carmen Martín Gaite's Cuadernos de todo and her Novels of the 1990s 2013
Canyon 1992
The Libro de los Buenos Proverbios: A Critical Edition 1970
Narrative and Becoming 2016
Speak Thus: Christian Language in Church and World 2008
Booker T. Washington Papers Volume 8: 1904-6. 1979
Future Wars: The Anticipations and the Fears 2012
French Global: A New Approach to Literary History 2010
Metadrama and the Informer in Shakespeare and Jonson 2016
Fear of the Ride 1999
Networking Arguments: Rhetoric, Transnational Feminism, and Public Policy Writing 2012
Reviewing Mario Pratesi: The Critical Press and Its Influence 2014
The Classic Chinese Novel: A Critical Introduction 2015
The Early Renaissance and Vernacular Culture 2012
Taste: A Literary History 2005
The Ivory Thought: Essays on Al Purdy 2008
Occupying Our Space: The Mestiza Rhetorics of Mexican Women Journalists and Activists, 1875–1942 2015
Victor Hugo and the Romantic Drama 1998
Will Eisner: Conversations 2011
The Earth in the Attic 2008
Interpreting Chekhov OPEN ACCESS 2006
Cinderella in America: A Book of Folk and Fairy Tales 2007
American Literary Studies: A Methodological Reader 2003
A Companion to Javier Marías 2011
View From Another Shore: European Science Fiction 1999
Complete Plays of Frances Burney: Volume 1: Comedies. Volume 2: Tragedies 1995
Father of the Comic Strip: Rodolphe Töpffer 2007
Humans, Beasts, and Ghosts: Stories and Essays 2011
Backgrounds of English Literature, 1700-1760 1953
The Winter Count 2014
The Age of Doubt: Tracing the Roots of Our Religious Uncertainty 2011
Visual Variety and Spatial Grandeur: A Study of the Transition from the Sixteenth to the Seventeenth Century in France 1974
Southscapes: Geographies of Race, Region, and Literature 2011
Same–sex desire in early modern England, 1550–1735: An anthology of literary texts and contexts 2014
Alan Moore: Comics as Performance, Fiction as Scalpel 2009
Roch Carrier: Aimer la vie, conjurer la mort 2004
African Police and Soldiers in Colonial Zimbabwe, 1923-80 2011
The Silver Palace Restaurant 2005
Macroanalysis: Digital Methods and Literary History 2013
American Indian Literature and the Southwest: Contexts and Dispositions 1999
Spirits of the Cold War: Contesting Worldviews in the Classical Age of American Security Strategy 2012
The Inheritors: An Extravagant Story 1901
Truman Capote: A Literary Life at the Movies 2014
Untimely Matter in the Time of Shakespeare 2009
Essays on the Literary Baroque in Spain and Spanish America 2008
Everything Is Now: New and Collected Stories 2009
Refutation of All Heresies 2016
The Best Technology Writing 2010 2010
The Penn Commentary on Piers Plowman, Volume 1: C Prologue-Passus 4; B Prologue-Passus 4; A Prologue-Passus 4 2006
The Urban Roots of Democracy and Political Violence in Zimbabwe: Harare and Highfield, 1940-1964 2008
EccentriCities: Writing in the margins of Modernism: St. Petersburg to Rio de Janeiro 2013
L'Italiano si impara in due 1993
Centaur, The OPEN ACCESS 2007
Aesthetic and Myth in the Poetry of Keats 1965
The Theocrat 2005
The Way Things Go: An Essay on the Matter of Second Modernism 2014
Back to the Futurists: The avant-garde and its legacy 2013
A History of Russian Literary Theory and Criticism: The Soviet Age and Beyond 2011
Letters of Brendan Behan 1992
Chaucer and the Country of the Stars: Poetic Uses of Astrological Imagery 1970
Critique of Some Recent Subjunctive Theories 1898
J.O. Francis, realist drama and ethics: culture, place and nation 2014
Memory, Trauma, and History: Essays on Living with the Past 2012
Legba's Crossing: Narratology in the African Atlantic 2009
De rationibus quibus homines docti artem Latine colloquendi et ex tempore dicendi seculis XVI et XVII coluerunt 2012
The German Novel, 1939-1944 1949
Scientific Americans: The Making of Popular Science and Evolution in Early-Twentieth-Century U.S. Literature and Culture 2014
A Certain Woman 2003
Centering Anishinaabeg Studies: Understanding the World through Stories 2013
Ameriscopia 2014
Reforming Fictions: Native, African, and Jewish American Women's Literature and Journalism in the Progressive Era 2000
Sesame and Lilies 2002
Telling the Story in the Middle Ages: Essays in Honour of Evelyn Birge Vitz 2015
Eqbal Ahmad: Critical Outsider in a Turbulent Age 2015
The Demon at Agi Bridge and Other Japanese Tales 2011
The Smile of Truth: The French Satirical Eulogy and Its Antecedents 1990
Rhetoric in American Anthropology: Gender, Genre, and Science 2014
Of Cartography: Poems 2017
Zinc Fingers: Poems A to Z 2000
Sensational Internationalism: The Paris Commune and the Remapping of American Memory in the Long Nineteenth Century 2016
Strange Vernaculars: How Eighteenth-Century Slang, Cant, Provincial Languages, and Nautical Jargon Became English 2017
Literatura da floresta: textos amazônicos e cultura latino-americana 2004
Verbal Encounters: Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse Studies for Roberta Frank 2005
Milton Acorn: In Love and Anger 1999
Williams Hebrew Syntax, Third Edition 2007
Baghdad 2013
Belén Gopegui: The Pursuit of Solidarity in Post-Transition Spain 2011
Dividing the Isthmus 2009
A Bibliography of Robertson Davies 2014
Staging the Trials of Modernism: Testimony and the British Modern Literary Consciousness 2017
Baroque Sovereignty: Carlos de Siguenza y Gongora and the Creole Archive of Colonial Mexico 2013
Honest Engine 2015
A Fulfulde (Maasina) - English - French Lexicon: A Root-Based Compilation Drawn from Extant Sources 1993
Interferenze lessicali: Italiano-inglese 1984
The Graying of the Raven: Cultural and Sociopolitical Significance of Algerian Folk Poetry 2001
Out of Bounds: Anglo-Indian Literature and the Geography of Displacement 2011
A Kentucky Christmas 2003
Die Marias von Cornelius Aurelius: Einleitung, Textausgabe und Anmerkungen 2006
Index Antiphonteus 1895
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