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Social Science History 1976 - 2013
Signs 1975 - 2015
Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations 1990 - 2013
Crime and Justice 1979 - 2015
Political Behavior 1979 - 2013
Family Relations 1980 - 2011
The Family Coordinator 1968 - 1979
The Family Life Coordinator 1959 - 1967
The Coordinator 1952 - 1959
Social Psychology Quarterly 1979 - 2014
Social Psychology 1978
Sociometry 1937 - 1977
Revista Mexicana de Sociología 1939 - 2013
Contemporary Sociology 1972 - 2014
Theory and Society 1974 - 2013
European Sociological Review 1985 - 2011
The Academy of Management Review 1976 - 2011
The Academy of Management Journal 1963 - 2011
The Journal of the Academy of Management 1958 - 1962
The Canadian Journal of Sociology / Cahiers canadiens de sociologie 1975 - 2014
Studi di Sociologia 1963 - 2011
Annual Review of Sociology 1975 - 2011
Acta Turistica 1989 - 2014
Sociology of Education 1963 - 2014
The Journal of Educational Sociology 1927 - 1963
Social Problems 1953 - 2014
Social Forces 1925 - 2013
The Journal of Social Forces 1922 - 1925
International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society 1987 - 2013
State, Culture, and Society 1984 - 1985
The Public Opinion Quarterly 1937 - 2011
Revue française de sociologie 1960 - 2014
Review of Religious Research 1959 - 2014
Le Mouvement social 1960 - 2013
L'Actualité de l'histoire 1953 - 1960
Bulletin annuel de l'Institut français d'histoire sociale 1951 - 1952
The Journal of Sex Research 1965 - 2009
Advances in Sex Research 1963
Law & Society Review 1966 - 2013
Civilisations 1951 - 2013
Sociological Methodology 1969 - 2014
Teaching Sociology 1973 - 2014
Durkheimian Studies / Études Durkheimiennes 1998 - 2013
Race, Gender & Class 1995 - 2013
Race, Sex & Class 1993 - 1994
Social Choice and Welfare 1984 - 2013
Sociologisk Forskning 1964 - 2013
Sociologický Časopis / Czech Sociological Review 1965 - 2013
Czech Sociological Review 1993 - 2001
Czechoslovak Sociological Review 1992
Sociological Forum 1986 - 2013
Sociological Theory 1983 - 2014
Sociological Perspectives 1983 - 2015
The Pacific Sociological Review 1958 - 1982
Gender and Society 1987 - 2013
International Review of Modern Sociology 1972 - 2013
International Review of Sociology 1971
Sociology of Religion 1993 - 2011
Sociological Analysis 1964 - 1992
The American Catholic Sociological Review 1940 - 1963
Journal of the History of Sexuality 1990 - 2013
Society and Economy 2002 - 2011
Társadalom és gazdaság Közép- és Kelet-Európában / Society and Economy in Central and Eastern Europe 1995 - 2001
Aula 1990 - 1992
Egyetemi Szemle 1979 - 1986
Social Scientist 1972 - 2015
Children, Youth and Environments 2003 - 2017
Children's Environments 1992 - 1995
Children's Environments Quarterly 1984 - 1991
Middle East Report 1988 - 2013
MERIP Middle East Report 1986 - 1988
MERIP Reports 1971 - 1985
Pakistan Forum 1970 - 1973
Hitotsubashi Journal of Economics 1960 - 2017
The Annals of the Hitotsubashi Academy 1950 - 1959
Social Analysis: The International Journal of Social and Cultural Practice 1979 - 2013
Spectrum: A Journal on Black Men 2012 - 2017
Race, Poverty & the Environment 1990 - 2015
Ethnologie française 1971 - 2011
Arts et traditions populaires 1953 - 1970
Annales de la Société d'ethnographie française 1950
Le Mois d'Ethnographie française 1947 - 1952
Nouvelle revue des traditions populaires 1949 - 1950
Le Folklore vivant 1946
Michigan Sociological Review 1982 - 2016
The Peninsular Papers 1977
Meridiana 1987 - 2017
Social Research 1934 - 2013
The Black Scholar 1969 - 2015
Review of Social Economy 1942 - 2011
Análise Social 1963 - 2017
Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung. Supplement 1988 - 2016
Sociological Focus 1967 - 2009
Berkeley Journal of Sociology 1959 - 2013
State Crime Journal 2012 - 2017
Development and Society 1998 - 2017
Korea Journal of Population and Development 1990 - 1997
Bulletin of the Population and Development Studies Center 1972 - 1989
Weather, Climate, and Society 2009 - 2014
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali 1934 - 2011
Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali e Discipline Ausiliarie 1893 - 1933
International Journal of Sociology of the Family 1971 - 2013
German Politics & Society 1986 - 2013
German Studies Newsletter 1983 - 1986
The International Journal of Social Quality 2011 - 2013
The European Journal of Social Quality 1999 - 2006
Environment and Society 2010 - 2014
French Politics, Culture & Society 1999 - 2013
French Politics and Society 1984 - 1999
Newsletter (Conference Group on French Politics and Society) 1983 - 1984
Humboldt Journal of Social Relations 1973 - 2017
Polish Sociological Review 1993 - 2014
Nature and Culture 2006 - 2014
Max Weber Studies 2000 - 2011
Critical Historical Studies 2014 - 2015
International Review of Qualitative Research 2008 - 2015
Journal for the Study of Radicalism 2007 - 2017
QED: A Journal in GLBTQ Worldmaking 2013 - 2017
Contagion: Journal of Violence, Mimesis, and Culture 2006 - 2017
Genèses 1990 - 2013
Human Ecology Review 1993 - 2015
Journal of Haitian Studies 1995 - 2015
RSF: The Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences 2015 - 2017
Philippine Sociological Review 1953 - 2015
Social Thought & Research 1997 - 2013
Mid-American Review of Sociology 1976 - 1996
The Kansas Journal of Sociology 1964 - 1975
Criminologie 1975 - 2014
Acta Criminologica 1968 - 1974
Horizontes Decoloniales / Decolonial Horizons 2015 - 2017
Sociologie du Travail 1981 - 2010
Israeli Sociology / סוציולוגיה ישראלית 1998 - 2013
Revue française de sociologie (English Edition) 2012 - 2015
Social Issues in Israel / סוגיות חברתיות בישראל 2006 - 2014
Sociology of Development 2015
Ethnicities 2001 - 2013
Hitotsubashi Journal of Commerce and Management 1961 - 2016
The Annals of the Hitotsubashi Academy 1950 - 1959
Hitotsubashi Journal of Social Studies 1960 - 2017
The Annals of the Hitotsubashi Academy 1950 - 1959
Asian Journal of Social Science 2001 - 2011
Southeast Asian Journal of Social Science 1973 - 2000
Southeast Asian Journal of Sociology 1968 - 1971
BMS: Bulletin of Sociological Methodology / Bulletin de Méthodologie Sociologique 1983 - 2013
Studies in Popular Culture 1977 - 2015
Critical Ethnic Studies 2015 - 2017
International Social Science Review 1982 - 2012
Social Science 1925 - 1981
Journal of Applied Social Science 2007 - 2013
Sociological Practice 1999 - 2006
Journal of Applied Sociology 1984 - 2006
International Journal of Sociology 1971 - 2009
Ethnography 2000 - 2013
Contexts 2002 - 2014
Departures in Critical Qualitative Research 2014 - 2015
Qualitative Communication Research 2012 - 2013
Symbolic Interaction 1977 - 2013
African Sociological Review / Revue Africaine de Sociologie 1997 - 2017
Sociological Bulletin 1952 - 2014
Cahiers Internationaux de Sociologie 1946 - 2010
Environmental Values 1992 - 2011
Mientras Tanto 1979 - 2014
Materiales 1977
Historical Social Research / Historische Sozialforschung 1979 - 2017
QUANTUM Information 1976 - 1979
Work, Employment & Society 1987 - 2013
Études/Inuit/Studies 1977 - 2015
Soziale Welt 1949 - 2011
State & Society / מדינה וחברה 2001 - 2011
L'Année sociologique (1940/1948-) 1940 - 2011
Annales sociologiques. Série E. Morphologie sociale, langage, technologie, esthétique 1935 - 1942
Annales sociologiques. Série D. Sociologie économique 1934 - 1940
Annales sociologiques. Série C. Sociologie juridique et morale 1935 - 1938
Annales sociologiques. Série B. Sociologie religieuse 1939 - 1940
Annales sociologiques. Série A. Sociologie générale 1934 - 1941
L'Année sociologique (1896/1897-1924/1925) 1896 - 1924
Social Science Quarterly 1968 - 2011
The Southwestern Social Science Quarterly 1931 - 1968
The Southwestern Political and Social Science Quarterly 1923 - 1931
The Southwestern Political Science Quarterly 1920 - 1923
Zeitschrift für Soziologie 1972 - 2014
Sociology 1967 - 2013
Sociologus 1951 - 2011
Annales. Histoire, Sciences Sociales 1946 - 2011
Annales d'histoire sociale (1945) 1945
Mélanges d'histoire sociale 1942 - 1944
Annales d'histoire sociale (1939-1941) 1939 - 1941
Annales d'histoire économique et sociale 1929 - 1938
The British Journal of Sociology 1950 - 1998
British Journal of Educational Studies 1952 - 2009
Social Indicators Research 1974 - 2013
Archives de sciences sociales des religions 1973 - 2011
Archives de sociologie des religions 1956 - 1972
American Sociological Review 1936 - 2014
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 1890 - 2013
American Journal of Sociology 1895 - 2015
The American Journal of Economics and Sociology 1941 - 2011
Administrative Science Quarterly 1956 - 2013
Journal of Palestine Studies 1971 - 2015
Language in Society 1972 - 2011
The Journal of Modern African Studies 1963 - 2011
Journal of Marriage and Family 1964 - 2011
Marriage and Family Living 1941 - 1963
Living 1939 - 1940
Leviathan 1973 - 2013
Reis: Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas 1978 - 2015
Revista española de la opinión pública 1965 - 1977
European Journal of Sociology / Archives Européennes de Sociologie / Europäisches Archiv für Soziologie 1960 - 2011
The Journal of Human Resources 1966 - 2011
Journal of Health and Social Behavior 1967 - 2014
Journal of Health and Human Behavior 1960 - 1966
Journal of Black Studies 1970 - 2013
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 1961 - 2011
ILR Review 1947 - 2013
Comparative Studies in Society and History 1958 - 2011
The American Sociologist 1965 - 2013
Estudios Sociológicos 1983 - 2017
Acta Sociologica 1955 - 2013
The Sociological Quarterly 1960 - 2011
The Midwest Sociologist 1939 - 1959
Culture, Health & Sexuality 1999 - 2009
Revue européenne des sciences sociales 1972 - 2013
Cahiers Vilfredo Pareto 1963 - 1971
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Ida Lupino, Director: Her Art and Resilience in Times of Transition 2017
Queens and Mistresses of Renaissance France 2013
Good Intentions, Bad Outcomes: Social Policy, Informality, and Economic Growth in Mexico 2008
When Women Rule the Court: Gender, Race, and Japanese American Basketball 2017
Whither Al-Anbar Province?: Five Scenarios Through 2011 OPEN ACCESS 2010
Child Protection: Using Research to Improve Policy and Practice 2007
Com brasileiros, não há quem possa! Futebol e identidade nacional em José Lins do Rego, Mário Filho e Nelson Rodrigues 2004
Selective Service and American Society 1969
The Family Squeeze: Surviving the Sandwich Generation 1998
Globetrotting: African American Athletes and Cold War Politics 2012
The Columbia Documentary History of Race and Ethnicity in America 2004
A Glossary of US Politics and Government 2007
Days of Death, Days of Life: Ritual in the Popular Culture of Oaxaca 2006
Garlic Capital of the World: Gilroy, Garlic, and the Making of a Festive Foodscape 2009
Brokered Boundaries: Immigrant Identity in Anti-Immigrant Times 2010
History of the Mafia 2009
West Indian Immigrants: A Black Success Story? 2008
Uneasy Partnership, The 1969
At Work in the Iron Cage: The Prison as Gendered Organization 2003
Folk Mammalogy of the Northern Pimans 1998
Framing Abuse: Media Influence and Public Understanding of Sexual Violence Against Children 2004
Research Methods in Child Welfare 2008
Anthem: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora 2014
Women Who Made the News: Female Journalists in Canada, 1880-1945 1999
Jim Crow Nostalgia: Reconstructing Race in Bronzeville 2008
Loosening the Bonds: Mid-Atlantic Farm Women, 1750-1850 1986
Separate Pasts: Growing Up White in the Segregated South 1998
Making Care Count: A Century of Gender, Race, and Paid Care Work 2011
The Wrong Complexion for Protection: How the Government Response to Disaster Endangers African American Communities 2012
Enterrado vivo: identidade punk e território em Londrina 2003
Kinship and Casework 1967
Pranksters: Making Mischief in the Modern World 2014
Blindside: How to Anticipate Forcing Events and Wild Cards in Global Politics 2007
Gabriel García Márquez and Ovid: Magical and Monstrous Realities 2013
Chinese Americans and the Politics of Race and Culture 2008
Neo-Segregation Narratives: Jim Crow in Post-Civil Rights American Literature 2010
White Birch, Red Hawthorn: A Memoir 2017
My City Highrise Garden 2017
Dangerous Curves: Action Heroines, Gender, Fetishism, and Popular Culture 2011
An American Experience in Indonesia: The University of Kentucky Affiliation with the Agricultural University at Bogor 1971
Life Writing in Carmen Martín Gaite's Cuadernos de todo and her Novels of the 1990s 2013
Canyon 1992
Rusties and Riddles and Gee-Haw Whimmy-Diddles 1989
Images of Sport in Early Canada / Images du sport dans le Canada d'autrefois 1976
The cruelty man: Child welfare, the NSPCC and the State in Ireland, 1889–1956 2013
A Fur Trader on the Upper Missouri: The Journal and Description of Jean-Baptiste Truteau, 1794–1796 2017
A None's Story: Searching for Meaning Inside Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam 2016
American Dunkirk: The Waterborne Evacuation of Manhattan on 9/11 2016
Complicated Lives: Girls, Parents, Drugs, and Juvenile Justice 2017
Intimate Citizenship: Private Decisions and Public Dialogues 2003
Social Commitments in a Depersonalized World 2009
Breaking Women: Gender, Race, and the New Politics of Imprisonment 2013
Biological Consequences of Socioeconomic Inequalities, The 2012
How about Demons?: Possession and Exorcism in the Modern World 1988
Appalachia's Children: The Challenge of Mental Health 1971
Black Coal Miners in America: Race, Class, and Community Conflict, 1780-1980 1987
Women Singers in Global Contexts: Music, Biography, Identity 2013
America’s Safest City: Delinquency and Modernity in Suburbia 2014
Survival Songs: Conchita Piquer's 'Coplas' and Franco's Regime of Terror 2014
Ending Ageism, or How Not to Shoot Old People 2017
Is Breast Best?: Taking on the Breastfeeding Experts and the New High Stakes of Motherhood 2011
Progress Against Poverty: Sustaining Mexico's Progresa-Oportunidades Program 2006
Vertical Mosaic Revisited 1998
Teenage Witches: Magical Youth and the Search for the Self 2007
Mapping "Race": Critical Approaches to Health Disparities Research 2013
French Muslims: New Voices in Contemporary France 2010
Coming of Political Age: American Schools and the Civic Development of Immigrant Youth 2013
Border Politics: Social Movements, Collective Identities, and Globalization 2015
Morte e progresso: cultura brasileira como apagamento de rastros 1998
Conversations with Kentucky Writers 1996
Diversity Paradox, The: Immigration and the Color Line in Twenty-First Century America 2010
Freedom for Themselves: North Carolina's Black Soldiers in the Civil War Era 2008
Quest for a Suitable Past: Myth and Memory in Central and Eastern Europe 2017
Afrocentric Idea Revised 1998
Approaching African History 2013
Troubled Ground: A Tale of Murder, Lynching, and Reckoning in the New South 2010
Jewish Life in Twenty-First-Century Turkey: The Other Side of Tolerance 2012
The Ancient Middle Classes 2012
Bodies: Sex, Violence, Disease, and Death in Contemporary Legend 2005
The Changing Face of World Cities: Young Adult Children of Immigrants in Europe and the United States 2012
Drugs and Democracy in Rio de Janeiro: Trafficking, Social Networks, and Public Security 2006
Good Catholics: The Battle over Abortion in the Catholic Church 2014
John Brown Still Lives!: America’s Long Reckoning with Violence, Equality, and Change 2011
American Karma: Race, Culture, and Identity in the Indian Diaspora 2007
Reading Marechera 2013
Red Medicine: Traditional Indigenous Rites of Birthing and Healing 2012
Successful Aging as a Contemporary Obsession: Global Perspectives 2017
Global Lynching and Collective Violence: Volume 1: Asia, Africa, and the Middle East 2017
Cut Out: Living Without Welfare 2016
Tours That Bind: Diaspora, Pilgrimage, and Israeli Birthright Tourism 2010
Legba's Crossing: Narratology in the African Atlantic 2009
The Narrow Bridge: Beyond the Holocaust 2000
Regional Planning for a Sustainable America: How Creative Programs Are Promoting Prosperity and Saving the Environment 2011
Citizenship Excess: Latino/as, Media, and the Nation 2013
America Is the Prison: Arts and Politics in Prison in the 1970s 2010
Reforming Fictions: Native, African, and Jewish American Women's Literature and Journalism in the Progressive Era 2000
Shakin' All Over: Popular Music and Disability 2013
Lynching Beyond Dixie: American Mob Violence Outside the South 2013
When the Fences Come Down: Twenty-First-Century Lessons from Metropolitan School Desegregation 2016
Massacre at Camp Grant: Forgetting and Remembering Apache History 2007
Miracle and Machine: Jacques Derrida and the Two Sources of Religion, Science, and the Media 2012
The Student Loan Mess: How Good Intentions Created a Trillion-Dollar Problem 2014
The Price of Racial Reconciliation 2008
Inspectors-General: Junkyard Dogs or Man's Best Friend? 1986
Paleonutrition 2010
Afghanistan Remembers: Gendered Narrations of Violence and Culinary Practices 2014
Critical White Studies 1997
Nikkei Baseball: Japanese American Players from Immigration and Internment to the Major Leagues 2013
Songs My Mother Sang to Me: An Oral History of Mexican American Women 1992
Smart Ball: Marketing the Myth and Managing the Reality of Major League Baseball 2010
Exalted Subjects: Studies in the Making of Race and Nation in Canada 2007
Building the Old Time Religion: Women Evangelists in the Progressive Era 2014
Labouring Children: British Immigrant Apprentices to Canada, 1869-1924 1994
Chronic Youth: Disability, Sexuality, and U.S. Media Cultures of Rehabilitation 2014
Zuni Origins: Toward a New Synthesis of Southwestern Archaeology 2007
Arab Women Writers: A Critical Reference Guide, 1873–1999 2008
On Slavery's Border: Missouri's Small Slaveholding Households, 1815-1865 2010
Play of a Fiddle: Traditional Music, Dance, and Folklore in West Virginia 1999
The Hallowed Eve: Dimensions of Culture in a Calendar Festival in Northern Ireland 1998
Legacies of Childhood: Growing Up Chinese in a Time of Crisis, 1890–1920 1990
Surveying Subjective Phenomena, Volume 1 1984
Jailed for Possession: Illegal Drug Use, Regulation, and Power in Canada, 1920-1961 2006
Creating Aztlán: Chicano Art, Indigenous Sovereignty, and Lowriding Across Turtle Island 2014
Labors of Love: Nursing Homes and the Structures of Care Work 2014
Arresting Images: Crime and Policing in Front of the Television Camera 2003
Urban Flow: Bike Messengers and the City 2011
Lives in Translation: Sikh Youth as British Citizens 2002
For Moral Ambiguity: National Culture and the Politics of the Family 2001
Essential Law for Social Workers 2003
Great Smoky Mountains Folklife 1995
Telling and Being Told: Storytelling and Cultural Control in Contemporary Yucatec Maya Literatures 2013
Lessons from the Field: Developing and Implementing the Qatar Student Assessment System, 2002–2006 OPEN ACCESS 2009
Adult Supervision Required: Private Freedom and Public Constraints for Parents and Children 2011
Hikes Around Philadelphia 1997
Nineteenth-Century Women's Writing in Wales: Nation, Gender and Identity 2007
Media and Identity in Africa 2009
Bedouin, Settlers, and Holiday-Makers: Egypt’s Changing Northwest Coast 2014
Power, Culture and Place: Essays on New York City 1988
Civil Resistance: Comparative Perspectives on Nonviolent Struggle 2015
Local Vino: The Winery Boom in the Heartland 2017
Governing Modern Societies 2000
Immigration Law and the U.S.–Mexico Border: ¿Sí se puede? 2011
Retirement on the Line: Age, Work, and Value in an American Factory 2012
Crimes of Power & States of Impunity: The U.S. Response to Terror 2009
Hospitality of the Matrix: Philosophy, Biomedicine, and Culture 2012
My Los Angeles: From Urban Restructuring to Regional Urbanization 2014
Caring For/Caring About: Women, Home Care, and Unpaid Caregiving 2004
The Life-Giving Stone: Ethnoarchaeology of Maya Metates 2011
Everyday Desistance: The Transition to Adulthood Among Formerly Incarcerated Youth 2017
Employment Equity in Canada: The Legacy of the Abella Report 2014
Decline in Marriage Among African Americans, The: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Implications 1995
Childhood, Youth, and Social Work in Transformation: Implications for Policy and Practice 2009
Dual City: Restructuring New York 1991
Turismo y Deporte 2016
Jobs and Justice: Fighting Discrimination in Wartime Canada, 1939-1945 2012
Working Poor: Farmworkers in the United States 1995
Coming to Life: Philosophies of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Mothering 2013
Women, Politics and Change 1990
Ethnology of the Ungava District, Hudson Bay Territory 2001
The State of Islam: Culture and Cold War Politics in Pakistan 2011
Choosing the Jesus Way: American Indian Pentecostals and the Fight for the Indigenous Principle 2014
Playing Smart: New York Women Writers and Modern Magazine Culture 2010
Interfaith Encounters in America 2007
Outside the Hacienda Walls: The Archaeology of Plantation Peonage in Nineteenth-Century Yucatán 2012
Contentious City: The Politics of Recovery in New York City 2005
Unmanageable Revolutionaries: Women and Irish Nationalism 1995
Letters from the Promised Land: Swedes in America, 1840-1914 1975
Poverty, Inequality, and the Future of Social Policy: Western States in the New World Order 1995
Visions of Law Enforcement Technology in the Period 2024-2034: Report of the Law Enforcement Futuring Workshop OPEN ACCESS 2015
Women's Health in Canada: Critical Perspectives on Theory and Policy 2007
Ireland's District Court: Language, immigration and consequences for justice 2014
Life on the Hyphen 2012
Eating as I Go: Scenes from America and Abroad 2006
Against the Wall: Poor, Young, Black, and Male 2008
Muslim Societies in Africa: A Historical Anthropology 2013
Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws: From Islamic Empires to the Taliban 2013
New Perspectives on Environmental Justice: Gender, Sexuality, and Activism 2004
Against Austerity: How we Can Fix the Crisis they Made 2014
Fulgencio Batista: The Making of a Dictator 2006
Directions of Change in Rural Egypt 1998
Talking with Young Children About Adoption 1993
Cambodian Refugees in Ontario: Resettlement, Religion, and Identity 2009
There Will Always Be Boxing: Another Year Inside the Sweet Science 2017
Developmental Theories Through the Life Cycle 2008
The Cotton Plantation Remembered: An Egyptian Family Story 2013
Detention Before Trial: A Study of Criminal Cases Tried in the Toronto Magistrates' Courts 1965
Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries Are Leading the Way 2010
New Routes for Diaspora Studies 2012
States of Emergency: Essays on Culture and Politics 2013
Counting for Nothing: What Men Value and What Women are Worth 1999
Después de la violencia memoria y justicia 2015
A Contested Borderland: Competing Russian and Romanian Visions of Bessarabia in the Second Half of the 19th and Early 20th Century 2017
Modo jugador o el cacharreo como forma de aprender y conocer con videojuegos 2016
Haunted Houses and Family Ghosts of Kentucky 2001
Economies of Desire: Sex and Tourism in Cuba and the Dominican Republic 2009
The Tejano Diaspora: Mexican Americanism and Ethnic Politics in Texas and Wisconsin 2011
Navigating Interracial Borders: Black-White Couples and Their Social Worlds 2005
Population-Based Survey Experiments 2011
Eastern & Western Perspectives: Papers from the Joint Atlantic Canada/Western Canadian Studs. Conference 1981
Gypsies and the British Imagination, 1807-1930 2006
Beyond Sun and Sand: Caribbean Environmentalisms 2006
The Peninsula Campaign and the Necessity of Emancipation: African Americans and the Fight for Freedom 2012
Chiang Yee: The Silent Traveller from the East--A Cultural Biography 2010
Valor de los medios de producción socializados en la ciudad de México 2014
The Best Interests of Children: An Evidence-Based Approach 2009
Control and Protect: Collaboration, Carceral Protection, and Domestic Sex Trafficking in the United States 2016
Time Bomb: Work, Rest and Play in Australia Today 2012
Spirit Lives in the Mind: Omushkego Stories, Lives, and Dreams 2007
Reaching for the Sky: Empowering Girls Through Education 2017
The Arabic Freud: Psychoanalysis and Islam in Modern Egypt 2017
The Rebels: A Brotherhood of Outlaw Bikers 1991
Competing Discourses: Orthodoxy, Authenticity, and Engendered Meanings in Late Imperial Chinese Fiction 2001
Friendly Fire: The Accidental Shootdown of U.S. Black Hawks over Northern Iraq 2000
The House on Diamond Hill: A Cherokee Plantation Story 2010
Growing Up With Television: Everyday Learning Among Young Adolescents 2002
The Future of Labour Market Reform in the Gulf Region: Towards a Multi-Disciplinary, Evidence-Based and Practical Understanding 2018
Laura, constancia y una venganza.: Tres novelas de Soledad Acosta de Samper 2013
License to Wed: What Legal Marriage Means to Same-Sex Couples 2014
Dardanelle and the Bottoms: Environment, Agriculture, and Economy in an Arkansas River Community, 1819-1970 2017
A History of Brazil 1993
Meanings of Maple: An Ethnography of Sugaring 2017
Y si hablas de…sde tu ser hombre?: Violencia, paternidad, homoerotismo y envejecimiento en la experiencia de algunos varones 2014
Indians, Markets, and Rainforests: Theoretical, Comparative, and Quantitative Explorations in the Neotropics 2001
Slow Fade to Black: The Decline of RKO Radio Pictures 2016
Paradise: Class, Commuters, and Ethnicity in Rural Ontario 1994
Hello Professor: A Black Principal and Professional Leadership in the Segregated South 2009
Marathon in Hong Kong: Challenges and Health 2010
Permafrost in Canada 1970
Culinary Tourism 2004
Private Oceans: The Enclosure and Marketisation of the Seas 2017
Double Agents: Women and Clerical Culture in Anglo-Saxon England 2009
Man-Made Woman: The Dialectics of Cross-Dressing 2017
Spoils of the Kingdom: Clergy Misconduct and Religious Community 2007
Unraveling the Garment Industry: Transnational Organizing and Women’s Work 2007
Anthropology, Art and Cultural Production 2007
The Trials of Laura Fair: Sex, Murder, and Insanity in the Victorian West 2013
New Black Feminist Criticism, 1985-2000 2007
Tenants in Time: Family Strategies, Land, and Liberalism in Upper Canada, 1799-1871 2009
Writing with a Vengeance: The Countess de Chabrillan's Rise from Prostitution 2009
Toward a Democratic Science: Scientific Narration and Civic Communication 1998
Woman I Was Not Born To Be: A Transsexual Journey 2001
Islands in the Street: Gangs and American Urban Society 1991
Constructing Public Opinion: How Political Elites Do What They Like and Why We Seem to Go Along with It 2001
Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Toward an agenda OPEN ACCESS 2016
Women, Men, and Spiritual Power: Female Saints and Their Male Collaborators 2006
Aboriginal Populations in the Mind: Race and Primitivity in Psychoanalysis 2003
Sisters or Strangers?: Immigrant, Ethnic, and Racialized Women in Canadian History 2004
Making Modern Mothers: Ethics and Family Planning in Urban Greece 2004
Out Of Kentucky Kitchens 1989
Millions Saved: New Cases of Proven Success in Global Health 2016
Red and Yellow, Black and Brown: Decentering Whiteness in Mixed Race Studies 2017
A Dream Denied: Incarceration, Recidivism, and Young Minority Men in America 2016
Charles Ludlam Lives!: Charles Busch, Bradford Louryk, Taylor Mac, and the Queer Legacy of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company 2012
The Making of Chicana/o Studies: In the Trenches of Academe 2011
Fluid Borders: Latino Power, Identity, and Politics in Los Angeles 2005
Taconite Dreams: The Struggle to Sustain Mining on Minnesota’s Iron Range, 1915-2000 2015
Women's Movements and "the Filipina": 1986-2008 2012
American Organic: A Cultural History of Farming, Gardening, Shopping, and Eating 2015
Elections in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan under the Single Non-Transferable Vote: The Comparative Study of an Embedded Institution 1999
Indios y españoles en la antigua Provincia de Santa Marta, Colombia.: Documentos de los siglos XVI y XVII 2007
Fighting Jim Crow in the County of Kings: The Congress of Racial Equality in Brooklyn 2013
Beyond Bondage: Free Women of Color in the Americas 2004
Comics and the U.S. South 2012
Making Believe: Screen Performance and Special Effects in Popular Cinema 2017
Television Violence and Public Policy 1998
Improving Childhood Asthma Outcomes in the United States: A Blueprint for Policy Action OPEN ACCESS 2001
La élite en Cartagena y su tránsito a la república: Revolución política sin renovación social 2006
Motherload: Making It All Better in Insecure Times 2014
Jueces sin estado: La justicia colombiana en zonas de conflicto armado 2008
A. Philip Randolph and the Struggle for Civil Rights 2010
Critical Years in Immigration: Canada and Australia Compared 1991
Enlightenment in the Colony: The Jewish Question and the Crisis of Postcolonial Culture 2007
Does Writing Have a Future? 2011
Citizen, Invert, Queer: Lesbianism and War in Early Twentieth-Century Britain 2010
What to Do When College Is Not the Best Time of Your Life 2010
Equity, Growth, and Community: What the Nation Can Learn from America's Metro Areas OPEN ACCESS 2015
Living It Up: Our Love Affair with Luxury 2002
When Boys Become Parents: Adolescent Fatherhood in America 2008
Trafficking Justice: How Russian Police Enforce New Laws, from Crime to Courtroom 2015
Pageants, Parlors, and Pretty Women: Race and Beauty in the Twentieth-Century South 2014
Urbanización y política urbana en Iberoamérica: Experiencias, análisis y reflexiones 2016
New York and Amsterdam: Immigration and the New Urban Landscape 2014
Sodometries: Renaissance Texts, Modern Sexualities 2010
Sovereignty: Frontiers of Possibility 2013
Pens and Swords: How the American Mainstream Media Report the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2008
Finding Faith: The Spiritual Quest of the Post-Boomer Generation 2008
Juguetes e infancias: la consolidación de una sensibilidad moderna sobre los niños en Colombia, 1840 – 1950 2015
The City Below the Hill 1972
The Old Fashioned: An Essential Guide to the Original Whiskey Cocktail 2013
The Public Wealth of Cities: How to Unlock Hidden Assets to Boost Growth and Prosperity 2017
Framing the Global: Entry Points for Research 2014
Etnicidad y victimización: Genealogías de la violencia y la indigenidad en el norte de Colombia 2014
Knocking on Labor’s Door: Union Organizing in the 1970s and the Roots of a New Economic Divide 2017
Sells like Teen Spirit: Music, Youth Culture, and Social Crisis 2010
Disorders Of Desire Rev: Sexuality And Gender In Modern American Sexology 2005
From Arrival to Incorporation: Migrants to the U.S. in a Global Era 2008
Mujeres patriotas y realistas entre dos órdenes: Discursos, estrategias y tácticas en la guerra, la política y el comercio (Nueva Granada, 1790-1830) 2015
A Stone of Hope: Prophetic Religion and the Death of Jim Crow 2004
Lucia: Testimonies Of A Brazilian 2005
National Pastime: How Americans Play Baseball and the Rest of the World Plays Soccer 2005
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